Sac S.P.I.R.I.T.’s Top 10 List of Haunted Locations

Here Is our list of the Top 10 Most Haunted Locations in CA, as promised! Please bear in mind that we kept this list down to California locations that we have actually been to and experienced. There are HUNDREDS of haunted places in California! This list is our list of California’s “Heavy Hitter” haunted locations. We have added a simple rating guide to indicate the level of spiritual danger we feel is present at each location. Enjoy!


SPIRIT is a full service paranormal investigation team. We offer complete scientific investigation services with a plethora of knowledge & devices to document/gather data, validate or debunk, alongside comprehensive house blessings/cleansings, spiritual energy work (reiki, chakra work, negative energy removal etc), and consultations / suggestions you may try on your own as well. Private intuitive readings with Melissa also available. If you have questions about the paranormal we are available!! If you have spiritual concerns, we can share what we know! Reach out to us, we are here to help!


We are currently booking in person cases for LATE FALL 🍁/early Winter ❄️ of 2021 and phone readings for early FALL 🍁 of 2021
🌟🌟We absolutely can still find spots for URGENT cases where physical and spiritual harm is currently being inflicted upon any member of the immediate household.🌟🌟 while those spots are limited / first come/first serve, we intentionally leave gaps in the schedule to accommodate these cases.
Due to the current limitations and health concerns of the community we are limiting our team participation based on location size and ask that only residents of the location be present for services (ie no guests unless otherwise discussed ahead of time)
To get our help, advice or services, you can private message the page, or fill out the contact us form on our website or call the hotline.

We have a collection of trusted referrals in the community as well, depending on what services you need! We are happy to connect folks to the best support available!

Additionally, we have a plethora of self use documents that can be tailored to your needs, beliefs/faith practice and availability of items & we are happy to guide you through proper usage. It is about intent, order and claiming your space. Please ask any questions you have!!


The team:

Wendy Maxam: Post Production Supervisor/editor, webmaster, videography, energy worker/sensitive, research/historian.

Melissa Lockett: Group Coordinator, Empathic Medium, Reiki Master, Aura Reader, Demonology Specialist Social Media Coordinator, Public Media & appearance/interview liaison/representative, advertising/marketing director, Spirit Box & SLS operator, equipment tech & equipment research.

Brent George: Director of Photography/production, Photojournalist/videography, energy worker, equipment technician, research/history, legal, equipment & science research.

Jon Koyasako: Seasoned investigator, equipment technician, lead of Security, sensitive, advertising assistant.

NEW Contact info!

Hello SPIRIT fans! We have a new contact phone number! Our new hotline number is (916) 514-8162, please make note of that. The best method of contact with expedient results is filling out our official Contact Us form OR direct messaging one of our Social Media pages for the team. or find us on IG and Twitter!


Hello all you awesome people!!! Another SPIRIT update!!

Given the recent mandate/order via the Governor of California, we are working on ways to ensure we meet each clients needs, respect the legal boundaries set in place and also be socially mindful, as we want to promote healing in the community, without taking any unnecessary risks, either for our team or our clients.

With that said, we will be contacting many of you directly that have in person appts in the next few weeks to offer options. This could include rescheduling, offering self help resource materials, converting any readings to a phone reading, etc.

Also, for those of you feeling stressed or anxious during these uncertain times we are here! We are sending out healing light to all. We want everyone to be well, and for the Corona virus to be destroyed and let us all thrive!! For anyone that has been personally impacted by this, our hearts are with you!!

If you have an appt in the next 2-3 weeks, feel free to reach out, and know we will be contacting you as soon as we can as well to discuss options! 💜

#light #healing #love #sacspirit

Tips when booking with us!

Hello all you wonderful people!! Since we are booking out so far in advance, and helping such a wide variety of awesome people in a variety of ways… it’s always good to ensure we are able to confirm our appointments with you. Here are some tips. 

Also for reference – here is a description of what to expect from S.P.I.R.I.T.:

Helpful hints for Clients:

– If you correspond with us via email or private message on social media, that is where we will reply to you. Please ensure you check that method of communication for responses. If you lose access to that method of communication, please return to our website and fill out the Contact Us Form or call our hotline – 916-363-3165 to provide us your new contact information. • -Check your spam folders and private message accounts for correspondence from us, as on occasion emails can get caught in spam. If we somehow missed your message for whatever reason, you absolutely can inquire if we saw your email/message. We are experiencing a very high volume of incoming messages, things can get missed on rare occasion, so the kindness and patience you show us is appreciated!

– We encourage you to place the date we offer you in your calendar. (most digital calendars can have reminders set, which is very helpful).

-We will send a confirmation email or message a few days ahead of your scheduled appointment – if we do NOT receive a reply from you on that message, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

-Due to our high volume, and limited resources we cannot just “show up” – if you do not respond, we consider that a cancellation.

– If we offer you a date and you do not respond, please know, that date may be re-designated to the next available client. We will hold dates for a fair amount of time before releasing them to someone else. – If you need to cancel or reschedule, we totally understand. At least two (2) days’ notice is appreciated, but obviously not required – if an emergency arises the day of, we more than understand – we simply appreciate a heads up, especially if it will be a longer drive for our team. We are based in Sacramento – and serve a 2.5hr radius.

– We do have a limited quantity of EMERGENCY openings – these are held for the most dire of cases (physical attacks, children being harmed, dangerous circumstances that are putting anyone in the home at risk, etc.) If you request an emergency spot, please ensure your phenomena is greater than just “feeling scared”. We appreciate how awful ANY/ALL paranormal activity is, and want to help ALL of you. We do book on a first come first serve basis, but attempt to allow room for true paranormal crisis.

– We will often offer resource documents or referrals in the circumstances where it is appropriate or upon request for those needing/wanting something ahead of our visit. These resource documents are extremely useful and user friendly, and very effective, especially for clients outside our direct service area.

– If you have questions before a case, or post-case care questions, please absolutely ask, that’s what we are here for. Ensuring you receive all the help and services you need is our goal! We want peace for both the living and the deceased.

We appreciate all of you out there so very much and look forward to being of service to you all. Even with our high incoming case load, we are more than happy to provide top notch help and resources. It is our honor and privilege to do our part in the healing process alongside each of you. Ultimately, you are the steward of your space and energy, but it’s a pleasure to be able to share what we can to be part of the process. 

Thank you all! 

-Melissa Lockett

Group Coordinator

Empathic Medium


Refresher Blessing (basic)

Refresher Cleansing

Supply list:

Small white candle

Incense (Frankincense & Myrrh or Sandalwood) Sage & Palo Santo or Cedar

Holy water or holy oil (or blessed full moon or Florida water)

Sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt

Begin with opening a few windows and a door or two if you can, to allow any entities or energies to EXIT during the cleansing. Start at the front door and move clockwise through the entire house for each stage of the cleansing.

Light a white candle along with frankincense & myrrh incense asking for light and Divine energy to return around the home and the family. Do Not blow it out. If you must extinguish it for any reason, snuff it with a snuffer or spoon. Blowing it out blows away the energy you are putting into the cleansing. Tell ALL energy that no darkness may dwell in the space. Show no anger or fear – simply be firm and assertive that your space is only for positive and light energy. Ask that all earth bound spirits be released and that they have no place in the home. Command all Dark energy leave your space and never return. With spirits or positive energy, you never “command” … only use that terminology when you are requiring dark, harmful energy to exit your space.

Take Holy or other blessed waters or oil and anoint each member of the family for protection. Then go to each door and window with the Water and anoint the doorway and windowpane with a small drop of the Holy Water/blessed water or oil.

Starting at the front door, open it and leave it open during the smudging – go through the entire house, in a clockwise direction, getting into every corner and space (closets and cabinets), with either Palo Santo, Sage or Cedar (any combination thereof). Light the herbs or wood and blow them out to produce a healthy amount of smoke. While you are smudging, continue to set boundaries with the other side and ask for healing light to replace all dark energy, command dark energy to leave.

If you are comfortable with any prayers you may add those – or scripture if desired. Psalm 91 is one of the best protection scriptures and the Prayer of St. Michael as well. Tailor this to your beliefs/practices.

Optional – Salt every door threshold and windowsill with Pink Himalayan sea salt or White Sea salt. A small dusting/line is fine. This is always done after the smudge.

To remove energy off yourself if you feel heavy – take a nice sea salt, Epsom salt or Himalayan salt bath, smudge yourself after… clear your mind and your energy this way as often as you like. Consider adding essential oils (high grade/safe for skin) to the water, such as lavender or frankincense.

Intent is always KEY in these blessings. Even refresher cleansings meant to add protection after a full blessing has been done. Your desire to reclaim your space is always the most powerful, even more so than what anyone else can do.

Do this as frequently as you desire. If negative people come over for a visit, smudge when they leave, remove the film they deposit. If you had a bad day and feel stressed, smudge or bless yourself and the space.

Being strong and empowered with little fear is the most important to the success of any cleansing either by a professional or yourself – without your strength and devotion, no cleansing will stick. Investment by the client is key for full success.

Contacting the Team

Thank you all for the continued support & love!! We have been so busy but so blessed to help so many wonderful folks!

We wanted to do a quick reminder on how to get in touch with us so that we see it quickly! If you need to book an in person investigation/blessing case or Private reading (phone/in person), you can fill out the Contact Us Form (not just leave a comment on a thread but fill out the Form with your name, number, reply email etc). Using the actual contact us Form ensures the message is forwarded directly to us.

Or you can reach out on one of our social media platforms such as sending us a direct message on Facebook. ( We are also on Instagram & Twitter!

You can leave comments or feedback on the website, our YouTube and Facebook as well!

We do not want to miss anyone, but we do get hundreds of requests regularly, so ensuring you utilize the right method is paramount. We strive to reply as quickly as humanly possible. 💚

You can also call the hotline and leave all pertinent information as well. 916-363-3165

We are booking a bit in advance right now but DO have resources and ways to help, so do not hesitate to reach out!

Also of note, please do check your spam folders and email address you contacted us with to ensure you are not missing our reply correspondence. Some spam programs do shuffle, move or even block messages if we do not receive a response to a date offer, we do release that date back into the pool.

Thank you all again! You all are awesome! 👻💜

Housekeeping & appreciation

Well hello loyal SPIRIT friends and followers!

We wanted to do some quick housekeeping notes to keep everyone going and flowing through the year with us as we are so blessed to be so busy!  We want to ensure each of you receives proper care and rapid responses. 

We currently have about 99% of messages replied to, so if you sent an inquiry previously, you should likely have a response.

SPIRIT receives a large amount of email or private message correspondence via our various platforms, and we do try to triage them quickly and effectively. If you contact us through our main website ( please be sure you are filing out the official Contact Us page Form. Leaving comments on articles or threads is fine if it’s about that subject, but if you are hoping for an expedient response, the form is the way to go.  🙂 If you Private Message our pages (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) we are likely to reply fairly quickly, depending on when you send the message. If you call the hotline, we will respond as early as possible.  Also of note, we are all normal day job workers as well, so of course ability to respond and ability to book does revolve around that.

Our desire is to provide any and all help we can with a variety of paranormal questions and concerns. Some of you are looking to book an in person investigation & blessing, others want private readings (phone or in person), some just need resource information – we can and do cover it all.

If you are offered an actual date for services, please know that we will respond to the email address provided or Private message directly and that is our typical method of communication. If you do not see a response in your email box, and it has been an extended period of time since you messaged us, Please be sure to check your spam folders and other message folders, as we will only hold proposed dates for a limited time. We do try to hold them as long as possible, but unfortunately, we are unable to keep them open perpetually. That’s why we encourage each wonderful potential client to keep their eyes on their email boxes and to feel free to follow up with us if need be, we are human and we don’t want to miss anyone! We are happy to help in any way we can. 

Please know that each message is VERY important to us, we have responded to hundreds over the last few months and have been privileged to already meet and help many of you. 

SPIRIT is currently booked out through the remainder of the year and into early 2020. However, that does not mean we are unable to assist. We have a variety of ways to assist, including emergency case options, resource info docs to empower you in your own space, lightworkers we trust in the community for certain services and phone or email consultations. If you need us, we will find a way!! If you want us to do an in person visit, please inquire, we will let you know of any date available. 

Our house blessing information, how to prepare for a private reading and aura/grounding information is all available on our website or upon request via a PDF attachment that can be emailed.

SPIRIT is here to serve YOU! We want to help share as much light and help as we can. Nothing makes our team happier than assisting the community. We wanted to address these basic questions, due to our sheer volume of inquiries and knowing that some of you may be unsure of how to contact us, where the responses are sent or if you can still reach out to us and still obtain a date.

I hope all of this helps, and thank you all again for being the BEST part of what we do! We have the absolute best clients, followers and friends in the community!

Best wishes,


Group Coordinator, Empathic Medium, Aura Reader, Reiki Master, Social Media & public Media liaison

The S.P.I.R.I.T Hotline Is Fixed!

Please note that as of 04/02/2019 at 03:25 pm Pacific Time, the S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal Hotline (916) 363 – 3165 has been repaired and is back in service!!  The Ghost in the Machine has been found, extracted, and sent packing LOL.

A big shout out to the phone company technicians who came out and got us back up and running so fast!  Thank you!!

And thanks everyone for your patience and continued support of S.P.I.R.I.T. and our mission!




Ghost in the machine

UPDATE:  As of 04/02/2019 at 03:25 pm Pacific Time, the S.P.I.R.I.T. Hotline is back up and running!!!  Thanks so much to the repair technicians that came out and fixed us back up so fast!!!


Hello all!! Our hotline phone is experiencing a tech glitch …static and outages, so if you try to call we won’t be able to receive it! Lucky us, the repair dept is not available on Sunday! Please reach out to us by filling out the contact us form or visiting our Facebook page and sending us a private message!!

Thank you!!

Thank you all!

Never fear! Those of you that recently messaged or emailed, responses and info are coming! Thank you for the extra patience as we deal with a continued influx of love & requests! We still have options for services for new requests! #heretohelp #paranormal #support #blessings #investigations #emailandphone #responsescomingsoon

Thank you for the continued love! Best clients ever!

How to Prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

How to prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

Be receptive and open

Clear your mind of any preconceived notions or expectations of what you think an Empath or Medium does or can provide. (i.e. like what you see on T.V.).

Despite what people think, we do not have “all” the answers.

Understand that I am a conduit for information, and not in control of the flow. I am in control of my energy, and ability to tap into the other side – but not what the other side provides.

Know that some readings are more about YOU as the individual and what the other side wants you to focus on/hear that specific day of the reading. Other readings have to do with living people around you. Some readings draw in deceased loved ones that

wish to make their presence known. No two readings are alike.

If possible, please only provide basic information – unless you have a VERY specific area of your life you want to tap into/know about or a specific loved one, then mention that with generality. I am happy to do focused readings but cannot promise what information will actually be available to my “sensors”. Whether you give me little to no information (most typical way of doing things), or some details that you desire to share, you can still have a thorough and productive reading. It is about what YOU need and I’m here to facilitate that.

The Empath part of my ability is where I am feeling your energy or having an experience with it, learning things about you that may be relevant to your future, or help you to heal from something in your past. The Mediumship portion of my gift has more to do with tapping into spiritual guides, angels, or loved ones from the other side; I will often “empath” or feel things relevant to a deceased person relating to their life, or how they died. The Aura Reading portion of my gift has to do with assessing the energy field surrounding your body and any information that may impart to me about your personality, well-being, and general state of spiritual health. I see these auras as colors surrounding your body. However, I am not a physician or a professional counselor / therapist. I can provide basic spiritual guidance, and I can recommend and / or refer you to light workers in your geographic area for supplemental spiritual / chakra healing, in addition to the spiritual insight that I may be able to provide you. For medical and mental health concerns, I of course can only recommend that you consult your Health Care Professional. I am only a conduit – a facilitator of spiritual healing – the actual spiritual healing ultimately comes from you; I merely support the process and any information from the divine that you are meant to receive.

For PHONE readings: Please provide at least one recent color photo of yourself via email one to two days in advance. Aura reading is part of what I provide in a session, and additional intuitive information often will come from a photo. The more recent the photo, the better the energy. If there are photos of a specific loved one you need to hear from, you may provide that, but most of the time I prefer to get that information from the souls – therefore do not wish to be “clouded”, if at all possible. I am open to each client needing something different; therefore, we can handle your reading in the way that suits you best. If you reach out to us via the website or Facebook, I can provide the email address to send photos.

For In Person readings: These can be done either in a client’s home or in a comfy neutral location. For readings in the home, please ensure a semi quiet area is available to offer the best possible session.

Have water or tissues available in the event something emotional comes up. Staying hydrated is key after a healing session as well.

Some people wish to take notes or record the session; both are fine as long as they are for personal use.

Know that I am not in control of ANY of the information received.

— I may touch on sensitive subjects that are meant for growth and or healing. Some of the info can be tough to hear or surprising.

— I may or may not receive information from deceased loved ones. There is NO guarantee mediumship/interaction with a loved

one will occur. The universe and the spirits decide.

— I am a Divine Conduit meant to bring forth anything that will help you along your journey; I am only PART of your process/path, and thankful to be that!

— I am available for follow up questions and clarification. Do know, that once I’ve delivered a reading, I often only remember sections of it, as I only serve as the conduit, and the information was not meant for me… it belongs to you.

Donations: Are FULLY optional and can be made by cash on site or PayPal – link provided via email.

I look forward to being of service and being part of your process towards healing and joy. My goal is to share as much light with you as I can. The calendar is booking up quickly – please be patient. I am here for you!!

Thank you!

Melissa Lockett

Group Coordinator- SPIRIT

Empathic Medium

Aura Reader

Reiki Master

Paranormal Investigator

Social media & public media contact/liaison

To book a reading: fill out the Contact Us form on our website or send a private message to our Facebook page. We answer them as soon as we can! 🙂


Because of the recent positive publicity S.P.I.R.I.T. has received from Sacramento’s Rob Anybody and Dawn morning radio show, we are being inundated with requests for readings and investigations. For full on-location investigations, we are currently booking late April 2019. For personal readings with Melissa either in person or over the phone, we are looking at late February at the earliest.

We pride ourselves on responding to any request for help within 24 hours to schedule readings and investigations. Because of the flood of requests we are receiving and the Christmas Holiday, PLEASE bear with us, it may be a few days before we can get back to you under the circumstances.

We would like to thank the amazing RAD Radio team from the bottom of our hearts for everything they have done for us, and we look forward to helping each and every one of you who have contacted us!

Together all of you are proving that Sacramento really is a wonderful spiritual community with a rich and beautiful history.


  • The S.P.I.R.I.T. Team

Safe Paranormal and Self Protection

Below you will find two resources to help you personally protect yourself any time you you are working with human energy whether living or dead, and when reading others’ auras. These documents are also very helpful for those with new or budding spiritual gifts that need to stay protected and grounded while learning to understand their abilities. These can be tailored to fit your spiritual or faith preferences as well. When you are grounded, you will have a better experience around other people, crowds, family and work gatherings, and with how you feel in general. Keeping your aura protected allows you to feel less drained after human interaction. Any time you visit a documented haunted location, utilizing these skills will be very valuable. Once you practice these a few times, it will soon become second nature and you will be able to “bubble up” with ease and quickly!

Grounding Exercise

Aura Protection Reference Sheet

Happy reading, and always practice safe paranormal!

Ways to Properly Cleanse and Bless Your Home

**This is a compilation of techniques tried, tested and successfully used in a number of cases by Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team “S.P.I.R.I.T.” – and the Lead Medium, Melissa Lockett**

Some of the ingredients/tools you will want to purchase/have on hand are: (these can be tailored to your spiritual preferences/availability of items)

  • White Sage (wands and/or loose leaf)
  • Palo Santo wood sticks (to be shaved into small burnable pieces or pre-shaved bits) (you can use the whole stick like a wand as well). The darker energies do NOT like the wood items.
  • Other useful smudge/burnable items: Sweet grass, Cedar, Yerba Santa, Mugwort – depending on the activity some items can be swapped for others.
  • Lighter (to light burnable items, candles, etc.)
  • Abalone shell to place sage and wood or other smudge items in.
  • Holy Water or Holy Oil (try to search for a very reputable source such as Lourdes – see end of article regarding where to obtain – the water direct from the grotto in Lourdes, France has been used for many years and has been involved with healings and miracles – the first one was documented in 1858)
    • Blessed waters and essential oils can be an option for those unable to locate holy water or that wish to use an alternative due to spiritual preference. Full moon water is commonly used for pagan and similar belief systems.
  • Frankincense and Myrrh incense sticks (and a holder). Sandalwood and Dragons blood also are good options.
  • Bible (or other religious text that suits your needs/copies of specific prayers or scriptures that fit your belief system). (Psalm 91, 23, 27:1, 37, Isaiah 41:10, and the prayer of St. Michael are all very good). Any prayer or spiritual text that is significant for you will hold power and help you claim the space.
  • Small white candles (and holder)
  • Crystals – metaphysical properties have been greatly studied in the last few decades and specific vibrational properties and the chemical makeup of numerous stones have been shown to be highly effective in changing the overall energy of a location. Each stone carries its own specific energy signature coming from the geological processes which created it. Just as an improper balance of electromagnetic energy in a home can cause sickness, confusion, etc. (scientifically studied and verified) – the stones can balance those energy fluxes.
    • Some stones to be buried on the four corners outside of the home, and some to keep on your person or near your bedside:
      • For “Gridding” the property – bury a full set of these four stones on the corners of your home, if an apartment, place them in small bags in the four main corners of your residence.  Use SMALL pieces – you can buy these rocks in larger pieces and break them with a hammer – or some can be found already in small chunks:
        • WHITE aragonite (may have to be ordered online if you cannot find a piece in rock/mineral shop (must be the white kind). There are some local Sacramento shops you can find it.
        • Selenite (wands/shards usually can be found easily and broken up into smaller pieces for gridding).
        • Jet (search online and rock shops) (can switch out for small pieces of Black Tourmaline as well).
        • Rose Quartz.
        • Also useful – labradorite, black tourmaline, moldavite, tourmilated quartz.
      • For yourself – carry in your pocket, purse, set on your night stand:
        • Black Tourmaline (Very protective stone, my favorite, transmutes negative energy into positive & light) (I carry it on every investigation).
        • Selenite (cleanses the aura and dispels the negative).
        • Labradorite – protects the aura.
          • Optional stones
            • Tigers Eye
            • Amethyst
            • Any other stone you find that feels good and the metaphysical properties match your needs at that specific time.
  • Sea salt (lots of it) or pink Himalayan salt.
  • Items that you may not need/be able to find but a reputable cleanser may use/have on them during an investigation or house blessing may be: Red brick dust, Tar Water, holy/blessed medals, etc.  SPIRIT has a special recipe we have named “Parafunk Spray”. It is exclusive to SPIRIT.

Once you’ve assembled your items, get everything laid out (a kitchen table or counter is usually great, with plenty of room to work with.).

INTENT is KEY in ALL blessings/cleansings. Whether we as a team come and assist you with it, or you do this yourself, YOU CAN do this – because it is your home. Your intent to reclaim and keep it as your space and your intent of coming from a good place of love and light mean everything to the success of a cleansing. If you are angry, yelling, or excessively fearful, you can undermine the process. Some natural base level fear and being upset is normal, and perfectly ok, allow those emotions – but do not consume yourself with them. Focus on the fact you are doing something GOOD and proactive for yourself, your family and your home. Know that with good intent – YOU can work miracles.

Start with blessing each occupant present with a sprinkle of holy water, moon water, essential oils on the head or draw a cross or symbol meaningful to you/them upon the forehead with water or holy oil. Or say a prayer that fits your needs and bless with sage or incense.  Once you feel you are in a safe bubble of white light and blessed, you may commence the house cleansing. Before and After, you also may waft sage around the entire body of each person, clearing their aura.

Begin with opening a few windows and a door or two if you can, to allow any entities or energies to EXIT during the cleansing. Start at the front door and move clockwise through the entire house for each stage of the cleansing.

Light one white candle in the home and let it burn all the way down. Do Not blow it out. If you must extinguish it for any reason, snuff it with a snuffer or spoon. Blowing it out blows away the energy you are putting into the cleansing.  Light the incense near the candle and allow it to burn down as well. This is the opening of the blessing.

Take holy oil or holy water or other blessed waters/oils and on EACH doorway and window opening, place the sign of the cross on the door and window frames or a simple thumbprint on each door/window. Also sprinkle/splash holy water or other blessed waters in each corner of each room. While doing this, you are stating that this is your home, your space, and it is blessed in His name (or that of your higher power(s)/deity(ies)).

Once each room is properly blessed with the holy oil, holy water or other blessed waters/oils, you may then assemble the sage and Palo Santo wood (and other smudge items as desired). If you have a sage wand, you can start with that – again at the front door going clockwise through the house – getting into EVERY corner, every closet, every cabinet, attic openings, all the while claiming the space, saying prayers, scriptures, meditations, or other spiritual mantras that fit your faith. If you have sage pieces you may combine them with the shavings of Palo Santo in the abalone shell and light them (you can also add other smudge items in this mix, the darker the entity, the more wood you will want, including cedar) – blow them out so the smoke wafts. If you did the sage separately, follow up with the Palo Santo wood (and other burnable smudges) in the same exact fashion, getting the smoke into every corner, nook & cranny of the home you can reach – with prayers, good intent and claiming the home. (“This is my home, my family’s home, my space, only Good energy and love is welcome here, I cast out all negative energy, you do not belong here, only Angels and light may dwell in this place”… etc… fit it to your needs and what feels good to your heart).

After that has been done, go through the home with the sea salt or Pink Himalayan Salt and sprinkle a light amount in every windowsill and every doorway, sealing the home. You may also sprinkle a light border all the way around the entire outside of your home if you have a large amount of activity or suspect the land is involved with the haunting. This should NOT be done until the smudge has been concluded.

When outside – take the crystals mentioned earlier and bury a set of the 4 stones on the 4 corners of your home. If you have additional odd corners of the house, you may also place a set of the 4 stones there. It is also helpful to place something of yourself in those burial spots if you can – even a petal from a flower you grew. Some herbs that are also good would be lavender, rosemary, or sage leaves. It is not mandatory, but it adds to the process.  This placing of the stones grids the property in an energy bubble that is very repulsive to negative energies, and they become sealed out of the house.

Once you’ve completed the tasks above, you may still have the candle still going, which is fine, and will finish the process (let the candle go out by itself if possible – the sage may now be extinguished). I will often take the remnants of the smudge and sprinkle them in a line at the driveway as a seal.

During this whole process you may say the prayers, the casting out and space claiming mantra, all at your comfort level. Again, intent is key.

If your land is affected, consider burying stones at the four corners of the property line as well – in addition to the house. Also consider having the land blessed by a shaman or Native American tribe member of some kind – if your land has Native American ties.

It is important that the family work together as a TEAM and face this bravely together, knowing they are very loved and protected by a Divine source. You are not alone.

What a paranormal team or medium/cleanser can add to the process:

  • A medium that can cross over lost spirits – they may not be negative, just confused. Mediums  can also communicate with familial spirits that may be there protecting you or offering a message.
  • Gifted energy workers to close a portal that may exist in your home (the average homeowner does not necessarily have the experience to close a portal).
  • Extra cleansing tools that are not “typical” and from other spiritual practices (Voodoo, Wicca, Roman Catholic blessed items, special Native American only items, etc.)
  • Investigative tools to gather and document specific activity and evidence.
    • Considerations to take:
      • Most paranormal teams have day jobs and their immediate availability can be a factor; having the tools on hand for yourself gives you the time and ability to claim the space yourself.
      • Travel time for teams/expense could prevent a quick turnaround time.
      • Do full research on the team you plan to have in – Do they have a medium? What experience do they have in house blessings? What are their qualifications?
      • Do they charge? Or do they run only on donations and their desire to help the public?

Whether you invite a team in to your home, or you bless the home yourself, this may be a process that has to be repeated a time or two, or be kept up like “housework.” Maybe you do not have to do the ritual full-time, but occasionally saging or using the Palo Santo wood to refresh the energy and spiritual borders is always a good idea. Keeping daily meditations or prayers in your life is also very helpful in maintaining those energy borders. You may salt your home and property as often as you like as well. Any time you feel things are becoming too heavy, it’s time to break out at least the sage & Palo Santo wood to lighten the air.

For additional help and information, please feel free to contact us!

Places to find supplies – Local metaphysical and rock/mineral shops, or Wiccan stores

  • Local shops are where you will find most of the crystals/stones – you can also search online via Google for each of the stones. is an example of one such site.
  • (buy a chunk of white aragonite and place it in a towel and break down with a hammer).
  • (Selenite can be found in reasonably priced small wands that can be broken down)
  • Jet can be found on Etsy as well, and on a lot of other websites, or in metaphysical shops. Look around, there are GOOD deals, it just takes some searching.  Again, you can also use Black Tourmaline in place of jet.
  • Rose quartz is readily available at most shops and all over the Internet. has a great deal of the products as well. is a great place to obtain the holy water that is direct from the grotto in Lourdes, France.


Every haunt is different and sometimes you have to tailor a blessing. Some items you may need to do more of, or less of. Adding religious or spiritual items to the home and coming back to your specific faith can often restore some balance in your life and home. On occasion, repeats of full blessings have been necessary. Additionally, keeping up a routine of monthly saging or burning Palo Santo wood is a great idea, and will help to keep up the positivity and lightness in a location. Not all haunts will require a full-on multi-faceted cleansing as described above. Consulting with a local paranormal investigation team might be helpful in guiding you as to what could be required for your situation. New homes with decent energy may only need a gentle dose of sage to refresh the space.

Also, avoiding Ouija boards, darker practices or unsafe paranormal dabbling is highly advisable. Anything with a negative intent or desire to harm, hex, curse, or hurt will usually bring back severe karmic results to the individual doing the activity. Using extra spiritual practices to cleanse a home is fine – if you are of a different practice or religion, that still works equally well. We like to combine 4 – 5 spiritual practices to combat things from EVERY angle. It’s when the person takes a route of harm and ill will that usually darker things emerge and portals open. Or when the impressionable and inexperienced dabble and do not practice “safe paranormal” – various dangerous things can and do occur. When in doubt, just don’t do it.

Some cases require further intervention beyond that of a paranormal team. Adding mediums, shaman, spiritualists and other religious practitioners can be very effective. The Catholic Church has to be brought in for some exceedingly rare cases, especially for a full Rite of Exorcism.  Expecting one cleansing by one team to fix it all can be an unreasonable expectation for many cases. Always remember to keep up your faith and spiritual boundaries, and keep your intent positive while a team or you as an individual cleanses the home.

**This is a compilation of techniques tried, tested and successfully used in a number of cases by Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team “S.P.I.R.I.T.” – and the Lead Medium, Melissa Lockett**

We are not official exorcists, but we do have extensive knowledge and experience with dark cases, “demonics,” and are well-read in various areas of paranormal activity and paranormal attacks.  The Catholic Church usually only becomes involved in proven fully demonic cases where a major Rite of Exorcism is required. Standard day to day churches will likely not have the knowledge base you require when experiencing something very traumatic such as a severe haunting or negative entity attack. Regular practice & attendance in your local spiritual or religious community of choice will add to your protection, confidence and faith, and that should definitely be kept up if you are already doing so. Only you know if your local community or pastor would be able to assist you beyond that of what a paranormal team offers.