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Group Coordinator, Empathic Medium, Aura Reader, Reiki Master, Social Media & public Media liaison

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How to Prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

How to prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

Be receptive and open

Clear your mind of any preconceived notions or expectations of what you think an Empath or Medium does or can provide. (i.e. like what you see on T.V.).

Despite what people think, we do not have “all” the answers.

Understand that I am a conduit for information, and not in control of the flow. I am in control of my energy, and ability to tap into the other side – but not what the other side provides.

Know that some readings are more about YOU as the individual and what the other side wants you to focus on/hear that specific day of the reading. Other readings have to do with living people around you. Some readings draw in deceased loved ones that

wish to make their presence known. No two readings are alike.

If possible, please only provide basic information – unless you have a VERY specific area of your life you want to tap into/know about or a specific loved one, then mention that with generality. I am happy to do focused readings but cannot promise what information will actually be available to my “sensors”. Whether you give me little to no information (most typical way of doing things), or some details that you desire to share, you can still have a thorough and productive reading. It is about what YOU need and I’m here to facilitate that.

The Empath part of my ability is where I am feeling your energy or having an experience with it, learning things about you that may be relevant to your future, or help you to heal from something in your past. The Mediumship portion of my gift has more to do with tapping into spiritual guides, angels, or loved ones from the other side; I will often “empath” or feel things relevant to a deceased person relating to their life, or how they died. The Aura Reading portion of my gift has to do with assessing the energy field surrounding your body and any information that may impart to me about your personality, well-being, and general state of spiritual health. I see these auras as colors surrounding your body. However, I am not a physician or a professional counselor / therapist. I can provide basic spiritual guidance, and I can recommend and / or refer you to light workers in your geographic area for supplemental spiritual / chakra healing, in addition to the spiritual insight that I may be able to provide you. For medical and mental health concerns, I of course can only recommend that you consult your Health Care Professional. I am only a conduit – a facilitator of spiritual healing – the actual spiritual healing ultimately comes from you; I merely support the process and any information from the divine that you are meant to receive.

For PHONE readings: Please provide at least one recent color photo of yourself via email one to two days in advance. Aura reading is part of what I provide in a session, and additional intuitive information often will come from a photo. The more recent the photo, the better the energy. If there are photos of a specific loved one you need to hear from, you may provide that, but most of the time I prefer to get that information from the souls – therefore do not wish to be “clouded”, if at all possible. I am open to each client needing something different; therefore, we can handle your reading in the way that suits you best. If you reach out to us via the website or Facebook, I can provide the email address to send photos.

For In Person readings: These can be done either in a client’s home or in a comfy neutral location. For readings in the home, please ensure a semi quiet area is available to offer the best possible session.

Have water or tissues available in the event something emotional comes up. Staying hydrated is key after a healing session as well.

Some people wish to take notes or record the session; both are fine as long as they are for personal use.

Know that I am not in control of ANY of the information received.

— I may touch on sensitive subjects that are meant for growth and or healing. Some of the info can be tough to hear or surprising.

— I may or may not receive information from deceased loved ones. There is NO guarantee mediumship/interaction with a loved

one will occur. The universe and the spirits decide.

— I am a Divine Conduit meant to bring forth anything that will help you along your journey; I am only PART of your process/path, and thankful to be that!

— I am available for follow up questions and clarification. Do know, that once I’ve delivered a reading, I often only remember sections of it, as I only serve as the conduit, and the information was not meant for me… it belongs to you.

Donations: Are FULLY optional and can be made by cash on site or PayPal – link provided via email.

I look forward to being of service and being part of your process towards healing and joy. My goal is to share as much light with you as I can. The calendar is booking up quickly – please be patient. I am here for you!!

Thank you!

Melissa Lockett

Group Coordinator- SPIRIT

Empathic Medium

Aura Reader

Reiki Master

Paranormal Investigator

Social media & public media contact/liaison

To book a reading: fill out the Contact Us form on our website or send a private message to our Facebook page. We answer them as soon as we can! 🙂


Because of the recent positive publicity S.P.I.R.I.T. has received from Sacramento’s Rob Anybody and Dawn morning radio show, we are being inundated with requests for readings and investigations. For full on-location investigations, we are currently booking late April 2019. For personal readings with Melissa either in person or over the phone, we are looking at late February at the earliest.

We pride ourselves on responding to any request for help within 24 hours to schedule readings and investigations. Because of the flood of requests we are receiving and the Christmas Holiday, PLEASE bear with us, it may be a few days before we can get back to you under the circumstances.

We would like to thank the amazing RAD Radio team from the bottom of our hearts for everything they have done for us, and we look forward to helping each and every one of you who have contacted us!

Together all of you are proving that Sacramento really is a wonderful spiritual community with a rich and beautiful history.


  • The S.P.I.R.I.T. Team

Safe Paranormal and Self Protection

Below you will find two resources to help you personally protect yourself any time you you are working with human energy whether living or dead, and when reading others’ auras. These documents are also very helpful for those with new or budding spiritual gifts that need to stay protected and grounded while learning to understand their abilities. These can be tailored to fit your spiritual or faith preferences as well. When you are grounded, you will have a better experience around other people, crowds, family and work gatherings, and with how you feel in general. Keeping your aura protected allows you to feel less drained after human interaction. Any time you visit a documented haunted location, utilizing these skills will be very valuable. Once you practice these a few times, it will soon become second nature and you will be able to “bubble up” with ease and quickly!

Grounding Exercise

Aura Protection Reference Sheet

Happy reading, and always practice safe paranormal!

Ways to Properly Cleanse and Bless Your Home

**This is a compilation of techniques tried, tested and successfully used in a number of cases by Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team “S.P.I.R.I.T.” – and the Lead Medium, Melissa Lockett**

Some of the ingredients/tools you will want to purchase/have on hand are: (these can be tailored to your spiritual preferences/availability of items)

  • White Sage (wands and/or loose leaf)
  • Palo Santo wood sticks (to be shaved into small burnable pieces or pre-shaved bits) (you can use the whole stick like a wand as well). The darker energies do NOT like the wood items.
  • Other useful smudge/burnable items: Sweet grass, Cedar, Yerba Santa, Mugwort – depending on the activity some items can be swapped for others.
  • Lighter (to light burnable items, candles, etc.)
  • Abalone shell to place sage and wood or other smudge items in.
  • Holy Water or Holy Oil (try to search for a very reputable source such as Lourdes – see end of article regarding where to obtain – the water direct from the grotto in Lourdes, France has been used for many years and has been involved with healings and miracles – the first one was documented in 1858)
    • Blessed waters and essential oils can be an option for those unable to locate holy water or that wish to use an alternative due to spiritual preference. Full moon water is commonly used for pagan and similar belief systems.
  • Frankincense and Myrrh incense sticks (and a holder). Sandalwood and Dragons blood also are good options.
  • Bible (or other religious text that suits your needs/copies of specific prayers or scriptures that fit your belief system). (Psalm 91, 23, 27:1, 37, Isaiah 41:10, and the prayer of St. Michael are all very good). Any prayer or spiritual text that is significant for you will hold power and help you claim the space.
  • Small white candles (and holder)
  • Crystals – metaphysical properties have been greatly studied in the last few decades and specific vibrational properties and the chemical makeup of numerous stones have been shown to be highly effective in changing the overall energy of a location. Each stone carries its own specific energy signature coming from the geological processes which created it. Just as an improper balance of electromagnetic energy in a home can cause sickness, confusion, etc. (scientifically studied and verified) – the stones can balance those energy fluxes.
    • Some stones to be buried on the four corners outside of the home, and some to keep on your person or near your bedside:
      • For “Gridding” the property – bury a full set of these four stones on the corners of your home, if an apartment, place them in small bags in the four main corners of your residence.  Use SMALL pieces – you can buy these rocks in larger pieces and break them with a hammer – or some can be found already in small chunks:
        • WHITE aragonite (may have to be ordered online if you cannot find a piece in rock/mineral shop (must be the white kind). There are some local Sacramento shops you can find it.
        • Selenite (wands/shards usually can be found easily and broken up into smaller pieces for gridding).
        • Jet (search online and rock shops) (can switch out for small pieces of Black Tourmaline as well).
        • Rose Quartz.
        • Also useful – labradorite, black tourmaline, moldavite, tourmilated quartz.
      • For yourself – carry in your pocket, purse, set on your night stand:
        • Black Tourmaline (Very protective stone, my favorite, transmutes negative energy into positive & light) (I carry it on every investigation).
        • Selenite (cleanses the aura and dispels the negative).
        • Labradorite – protects the aura.
          • Optional stones
            • Tigers Eye
            • Amethyst
            • Any other stone you find that feels good and the metaphysical properties match your needs at that specific time.
  • Sea salt (lots of it) or pink Himalayan salt.
  • Items that you may not need/be able to find but a reputable cleanser may use/have on them during an investigation or house blessing may be: Red brick dust, Tar Water, holy/blessed medals, etc.  SPIRIT has a special recipe we have named “Parafunk Spray”. It is exclusive to SPIRIT.

Once you’ve assembled your items, get everything laid out (a kitchen table or counter is usually great, with plenty of room to work with.).

INTENT is KEY in ALL blessings/cleansings. Whether we as a team come and assist you with it, or you do this yourself, YOU CAN do this – because it is your home. Your intent to reclaim and keep it as your space and your intent of coming from a good place of love and light mean everything to the success of a cleansing. If you are angry, yelling, or excessively fearful, you can undermine the process. Some natural base level fear and being upset is normal, and perfectly ok, allow those emotions – but do not consume yourself with them. Focus on the fact you are doing something GOOD and proactive for yourself, your family and your home. Know that with good intent – YOU can work miracles.

Start with blessing each occupant present with a sprinkle of holy water, moon water, essential oils on the head or draw a cross or symbol meaningful to you/them upon the forehead with water or holy oil. Or say a prayer that fits your needs and bless with sage or incense.  Once you feel you are in a safe bubble of white light and blessed, you may commence the house cleansing. Before and After, you also may waft sage around the entire body of each person, clearing their aura.

Begin with opening a few windows and a door or two if you can, to allow any entities or energies to EXIT during the cleansing. Start at the front door and move clockwise through the entire house for each stage of the cleansing.

Light one white candle in the home and let it burn all the way down. Do Not blow it out. If you must extinguish it for any reason, snuff it with a snuffer or spoon. Blowing it out blows away the energy you are putting into the cleansing.  Light the incense near the candle and allow it to burn down as well. This is the opening of the blessing.

Take holy oil or holy water or other blessed waters/oils and on EACH doorway and window opening, place the sign of the cross on the door and window frames or a simple thumbprint on each door/window. Also sprinkle/splash holy water or other blessed waters in each corner of each room. While doing this, you are stating that this is your home, your space, and it is blessed in His name (or that of your higher power(s)/deity(ies)).

Once each room is properly blessed with the holy oil, holy water or other blessed waters/oils, you may then assemble the sage and Palo Santo wood (and other smudge items as desired). If you have a sage wand, you can start with that – again at the front door going clockwise through the house – getting into EVERY corner, every closet, every cabinet, attic openings, all the while claiming the space, saying prayers, scriptures, meditations, or other spiritual mantras that fit your faith. If you have sage pieces you may combine them with the shavings of Palo Santo in the abalone shell and light them (you can also add other smudge items in this mix, the darker the entity, the more wood you will want, including cedar) – blow them out so the smoke wafts. If you did the sage separately, follow up with the Palo Santo wood (and other burnable smudges) in the same exact fashion, getting the smoke into every corner, nook & cranny of the home you can reach – with prayers, good intent and claiming the home. (“This is my home, my family’s home, my space, only Good energy and love is welcome here, I cast out all negative energy, you do not belong here, only Angels and light may dwell in this place”… etc… fit it to your needs and what feels good to your heart).

After that has been done, go through the home with the sea salt or Pink Himalayan Salt and sprinkle a light amount in every windowsill and every doorway, sealing the home. You may also sprinkle a light border all the way around the entire outside of your home if you have a large amount of activity or suspect the land is involved with the haunting. This should NOT be done until the smudge has been concluded.

When outside – take the crystals mentioned earlier and bury a set of the 4 stones on the 4 corners of your home. If you have additional odd corners of the house, you may also place a set of the 4 stones there. It is also helpful to place something of yourself in those burial spots if you can – even a petal from a flower you grew. Some herbs that are also good would be lavender, rosemary, or sage leaves. It is not mandatory, but it adds to the process.  This placing of the stones grids the property in an energy bubble that is very repulsive to negative energies, and they become sealed out of the house.

Once you’ve completed the tasks above, you may still have the candle still going, which is fine, and will finish the process (let the candle go out by itself if possible – the sage may now be extinguished). I will often take the remnants of the smudge and sprinkle them in a line at the driveway as a seal.

During this whole process you may say the prayers, the casting out and space claiming mantra, all at your comfort level. Again, intent is key.

If your land is affected, consider burying stones at the four corners of the property line as well – in addition to the house. Also consider having the land blessed by a shaman or Native American tribe member of some kind – if your land has Native American ties.

It is important that the family work together as a TEAM and face this bravely together, knowing they are very loved and protected by a Divine source. You are not alone.

What a paranormal team or medium/cleanser can add to the process:

  • A medium that can cross over lost spirits – they may not be negative, just confused. Mediums  can also communicate with familial spirits that may be there protecting you or offering a message.
  • Gifted energy workers to close a portal that may exist in your home (the average homeowner does not necessarily have the experience to close a portal).
  • Extra cleansing tools that are not “typical” and from other spiritual practices (Voodoo, Wicca, Roman Catholic blessed items, special Native American only items, etc.)
  • Investigative tools to gather and document specific activity and evidence.
    • Considerations to take:
      • Most paranormal teams have day jobs and their immediate availability can be a factor; having the tools on hand for yourself gives you the time and ability to claim the space yourself.
      • Travel time for teams/expense could prevent a quick turnaround time.
      • Do full research on the team you plan to have in – Do they have a medium? What experience do they have in house blessings? What are their qualifications?
      • Do they charge? Or do they run only on donations and their desire to help the public?

Whether you invite a team in to your home, or you bless the home yourself, this may be a process that has to be repeated a time or two, or be kept up like “housework.” Maybe you do not have to do the ritual full-time, but occasionally saging or using the Palo Santo wood to refresh the energy and spiritual borders is always a good idea. Keeping daily meditations or prayers in your life is also very helpful in maintaining those energy borders. You may salt your home and property as often as you like as well. Any time you feel things are becoming too heavy, it’s time to break out at least the sage & Palo Santo wood to lighten the air.

For additional help and information, please feel free to contact us!

Places to find supplies – Local metaphysical and rock/mineral shops, or Wiccan stores

  • Local shops are where you will find most of the crystals/stones – you can also search online via Google for each of the stones. is an example of one such site.
  • (buy a chunk of white aragonite and place it in a towel and break down with a hammer).
  • (Selenite can be found in reasonably priced small wands that can be broken down)
  • Jet can be found on Etsy as well, and on a lot of other websites, or in metaphysical shops. Look around, there are GOOD deals, it just takes some searching.  Again, you can also use Black Tourmaline in place of jet.
  • Rose quartz is readily available at most shops and all over the Internet. has a great deal of the products as well. is a great place to obtain the holy water that is direct from the grotto in Lourdes, France.


Every haunt is different and sometimes you have to tailor a blessing. Some items you may need to do more of, or less of. Adding religious or spiritual items to the home and coming back to your specific faith can often restore some balance in your life and home. On occasion, repeats of full blessings have been necessary. Additionally, keeping up a routine of monthly saging or burning Palo Santo wood is a great idea, and will help to keep up the positivity and lightness in a location. Not all haunts will require a full-on multi-faceted cleansing as described above. Consulting with a local paranormal investigation team might be helpful in guiding you as to what could be required for your situation. New homes with decent energy may only need a gentle dose of sage to refresh the space.

Also, avoiding Ouija boards, darker practices or unsafe paranormal dabbling is highly advisable. Anything with a negative intent or desire to harm, hex, curse, or hurt will usually bring back severe karmic results to the individual doing the activity. Using extra spiritual practices to cleanse a home is fine – if you are of a different practice or religion, that still works equally well. We like to combine 4 – 5 spiritual practices to combat things from EVERY angle. It’s when the person takes a route of harm and ill will that usually darker things emerge and portals open. Or when the impressionable and inexperienced dabble and do not practice “safe paranormal” – various dangerous things can and do occur. When in doubt, just don’t do it.

Some cases require further intervention beyond that of a paranormal team. Adding mediums, shaman, spiritualists and other religious practitioners can be very effective. The Catholic Church has to be brought in for some exceedingly rare cases, especially for a full Rite of Exorcism.  Expecting one cleansing by one team to fix it all can be an unreasonable expectation for many cases. Always remember to keep up your faith and spiritual boundaries, and keep your intent positive while a team or you as an individual cleanses the home.

**This is a compilation of techniques tried, tested and successfully used in a number of cases by Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team “S.P.I.R.I.T.” – and the Lead Medium, Melissa Lockett**

We are not official exorcists, but we do have extensive knowledge and experience with dark cases, “demonics,” and are well-read in various areas of paranormal activity and paranormal attacks.  The Catholic Church usually only becomes involved in proven fully demonic cases where a major Rite of Exorcism is required. Standard day to day churches will likely not have the knowledge base you require when experiencing something very traumatic such as a severe haunting or negative entity attack. Regular practice & attendance in your local spiritual or religious community of choice will add to your protection, confidence and faith, and that should definitely be kept up if you are already doing so. Only you know if your local community or pastor would be able to assist you beyond that of what a paranormal team offers.


Article By Brent L. George

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

5:00 p.m.

Investigators: Melissa and Brent

The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was invited to investigate the home of the on the air producer of a popular Sacramento weekday morning FM radio talk show.

The morning radio team had talked several times on the air of how “Producer Brandon’s” home might have some paranormal activity, based on things he and his wife had recently experienced in their new home. The show’s main host and owner, Rob was, to say the least, skeptical as to the possibility of such things being real, but he nonetheless indulged Brandon’s concerns on the air, to the point of talking about the upcoming investigation, and even admitting that he was curious to hear the ultimate outcome.

Upon arriving at the home, we were greeted by Brandon and “Mrs. Brandon” and welcomed into their home. Brandon let us know (we were previously advised that this would be the case) that he was recording us for the entirety of the evening and anything he recorded was fair game to use on his weekly podcast, or “Prodcast” as he calls it, that he produces in conjunction with the radio show.

Before beginning her initial cold walkthrough, Melissa gained her customary nod of approval from the home’s cats and of course, the radio-famous “Walter the Dog.”




The Walkthrough

Melissa conducted an initial cold walkthrough of the home, using only her own intuitive perceptions to gather information. She initially indicated she felt the spirit of a man who would repeatedly walk by the foot of the bed in the back master bedroom, and she felt energy that she said felt human but negative with anger and sadness from the side room, which was being used as a home office. Melissa said she felt very stifled and lethargic in the back spare room, and she noted an energy shift at the threshold between the front living room (near the office door) and the hallway to the rest of the house.


Brandon and his wife validated these as hits. Brandon stated one of the main reasons for calling us in was that he felt he would repeatedly see a shadow-like figure move through the glass door and past the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. Mrs. Brandon verified that the back spare bedroom felt so stifling and heavy to her that she never started turning the room into her project room, which had been her original goal for the room.

Melissa also said she felt very serene in the front corner near the kitchen. Mrs. Brandon confirmed that one of their cats would consistently drag random objects from around the house into that corner, displaying “nesting” behavior.

The Chair

Melissa keyed in on a particular object in the side office that she felt was the source of the negativity and anxiety she felt emanating from that room. It was a used office chair that Brandon had recently brought home. The chair felt cold to the touch. Melissa felt the chair had absorbed a great deal of residual anger; I felt that the chair emanated a male energy of self-loathing.

Brandon validated that he hadn’t felt right in the side office since he had brought the chair home, and when working in there since bringing in the chair he would sometimes become agitated or find that he would doubt himself for no reason. He said projects in the office had stalled since bringing the chair in, and he didn’t like going in there more than necessary anymore. This is strange, since Brandon loves his work.

The Investigation

We did a second walkthrough using the K2, EDI, MEL-R.E.M., and Trifield meters. The chair in the side office set off the temperature alarm on the K2 and EDI meters, and gave off EMF (electro-magnetic field energy) hits on both meters. The chair seemed to have moving cold spots; the temperature of the chair was neither uniform nor ambient, something that had no logical explanation, since there was no vent above the chair.  

There were no significant meter hits in either of the back bedrooms.

We decided to deploy the meters on the kitchen table near the “prayer spot,” as we dubbed the cat’s favorite corner. There was an air conditioning vent above the table, so the air conditioning to the home was shut off before we baselined all of the meters.

At this point, Melissa began to pick up on a second male energy in the house. She identified it as familial energy belonging to Mrs. Brandon. She said it felt ”like a Grandfather”, because he adored Mrs. Brandon when she was growing up, and would let her get away with things, the primary reason that Melissa sensed the energy as a Grandfather, since parents often tend to be stricter than grandparents.

At this point the cold temperature alarms on the R.E.M. Pod, the MEL R.E.M. and the K2 Meter all began to go off very loudly simultaneously (remember – the air conditioning was off – there were no ceiling fans, and the meters had all been baselined twice). The meters continued to chime loudly and in unison, and in varying tones, seemingly in response to Melissa’s impressions of the grandfatherly energy.

Melissa said she saw helicopters, a huge military presence, and she was in an Asian country. After zeroing in on it, Melissa decided she was seeing the grandfatherly energy as a soldier in the Vietnam War, at which point the meters began changing faster in pitch and tone, continuing to blare very loudly for no discernable reason. Mrs. Brandon confirmed that her father had been a decorated soldier in the Vietnam War. She also confirmed that her father looked old for his age, almost grandfatherly, in the last picture she had of him.

Melissa said she saw him in the war, and she saw a small, frightened Asian child.

The meters all fell suddenly silent, just as Mrs. Brandon said “Yeah, there were things about his service he would never talk about.”

“You hid them, didn’t you? You saved them. You were afraid what you did would be found out.” Melissa said.

The meters exploded in activity again.

Melissa saw him going back, away from the helicopter. She then lurched to one side from sudden strong knee pain.

“You went back for him, didn’t you? His leg was hurt and you went back to get him.”

The meters began going off wildly.

“Thank you for your service, Sir,” Melissa added.

Mrs. Brandon confirmed that her father would seldom talk about Vietnam, that he had received Two Bronze Stars for his service in the Vietnam War, but she never knew what they were for, as “he took those secrets to his grave.” Mrs. Brandon said that during her father’s military funeral, twelve uniformed servicemen were there to present honors and present her with her father’s flag. She never knew why he was buried with such honors.

When we all suggested we take a break, the meters all suddenly fell silent and remained silent.

The above described incident was all captured in high definition video and on separate audio recorders.

The SLS Footage

Next we deployed the SLS, or Structured Light Sensor Camera.  The SLS Camera uses Microsoft Kinect technology to “map” human figures as stick figures. The technology was created to create a computer skeleton (stick figure) of a living person and send it into a video game, where the person’s movements and motions are then exactly duplicated in real time by a character the computer creates around the stick figure in the video game.

Following the 2012 film Paranormal Activity 4  in which the Kinect technology was accidentally used by one of the film’s characters to detect a spirit, the SLS camera was developed to determine whether the technology could actually be used to map a human-shaped figure that cannot not be seen in the spectrum of light visible to the human eye, namely, a ghost.

Successful tests showed, incredibly, that it absolutely could, and does.

Once the SLS camera became available commercially on a single custom order basis, paranormal teams around the world started using the technology to document astounding paranormal evidence.

We deployed the SLS Camera (using it in its handheld configuration) all around the home, including the side office. Nothing. We were about to move back to the kitchen where we had begun the SLS session when two full stick figures appeared on the device on the empty couch on the living room. As soon as we acknowledged them, one of the figures disappeared. We do not know who the second figure was, but we were able to determine that the remaining figure was in all probability the spirit of Mrs. Brandon’s deceased father.

At this time the meters on the kitchen table, still powered on but silent, again exploded in unison in cold temperature alarms. We asked the stick figure to wave to us if it was indeed the spirit of Mrs. Brandon’s father.

The figure clearly waved to us. We asked the figure to re-confirm that this was Mrs. Brandon’s father, and the figure waved again. Moreover, Mrs. Brandon confirmed that the figure appeared to be “lounging” on the couch in the exact posture, diagonally across the couch with one arm propped up on the armrest, that was her father’s typical way of lounging on a couch when he had it to himself. She further confirmed that the wave was characteristic of her father’s typical “non-chalant” and casual attitude.

Below are screenshots from the video I captured of this occurring. Please note that the window on the top right of the SLS panel clearly shows there is no one on the couch except for the stick figure.

SLS Capture 3

SLS Capture1

SLS Capture2

The SLS Camera in this case provided astounding footage and arguably evidence of the afterlife. In conjunction with what happened next during our SB11 Spirit Box session, it gave Mrs. Brandon peace and additional closure concerning the passing of her father a decade earlier (the investigation took place exactly one week prior to the tenth anniversary of Mrs. Brandon’s father’s passing).

The SB11 Spirit Box Session

The next logical step in the investigation was to attempt to make contact with Mrs. Brandon’s father, and confirm that we were indeed in communication with him (because of the accuracy of the information Melissa had been able to empath, we were already nearly certain that this was who we were communicating with).

The SB11 Spirit Box is essentially two am/fm radios in one, designed to  truncate or scan across the two sets of am or fm bands at intervals that are adjustable to between a quarter to 1/32 of a second, never locking on to any station for longer than the set interval.

Therefore, when the Spirit Box gives one-word answers, such answers may be deemed paranormal if they appear to be direct and intelligent specific answers to specific questions. Clear multi-word and whole-sentence responses should be impossible on the SB11 Spirit Box. When we get such responses, especially when they are intelligent answers, we pay special attention to them as possibly paranormal in nature.

As we began the SB11 Spirit Box session, we received a “Hello” response. When we asked who we were speaking to (“What’s your name?”) we received a Class A, very clear “Cliff.” Mrs. Brandon’s father’s name was Cliff, and the response was in his voice. Cliff also said “Hi” to Mrs. Brandon, and confirmed that he was watching over her.

We received several further responses, most of which were Class B (harder to hear and understand). Melissa thanked the entity for his service, and he responded in the same voice in which the “Cliff” response was in, “It was my job.”

Melissa thanked him, and closed the session.

At this point we sat down and talked about the evidence we had gathered during the evening. The unanimous consensus was that Mrs. Brandon’s father had come through, a week from the 10th anniversary of his death, to let her know that he was fine, and was watching over her.

The Cleansing   

Melissa cleansed the home using Holy Water from the Grotto at Lourdes, France, and a smudge containing white sage, Palo Santo wood, cedar and sweetgrass. We cleansed and rendered the chair in the office inert with the holy water, sea salt, smudge, and energy work. After the cleansing of the chair, the K2 and temperature alarm readings gathered repeatedly on the chair could no longer be duplicated.

Note: The following morning Mr. and Mrs. Brandon followed up with us to say that their home felt different and lighter, that the office felt great again and Brandon could work comfortably in the room again, and that they had both shared a “End of Poltergeist” moment that morning when they decided to roll the chair out onto the street and place a “Free” sign on it. Whoever picked up the chair should have no further problem with it, as we did cleanse it and render it inert.

The video of this investigation can be viewed on the Maxam Mysteries Channel on You Tube at

Brandon’s Prodcast for the Rob, Anybody, and Dawn morning radio talkshow can be accessed at

Case Closed

Classification: Haunted Object and Positive Familial Haunting



PRACTICING SAFE PARANORMAL: Working With Energy and Spirit Communication

When delving into anything occult, pagan, or supernatural, it is absolutely imperative that those involved practice “safe paranormal.”

First and foremost, it is S.P.I.R.I.T.’s staunch recommendation to NEVER “dabble” with aspects of the occult or supernatural that you do not understand, including and especially the use of Ouija Boards. Our darkest and worst cases have all begun with a young person “fooling around” with a Ouija Board. Just. Don’t. Do it. It is nothing less than your life that you are gambling with.

IF you are going to work with white magic as an earnest and serious apprentice witch, that is a lifestyle choice which we absolutely respect and support – IF you practice Safe Paranormal. To that end, we at S.P.I.R.I.T. have put together this quick reference guide to hopefully help you understand the do’s and don’ts of working with human energy that is charged with intent, which is what witchcraft essentially is. 

There are certain “rules” as it were, when dealing with any type of energy working:

IF you are sincere, in it for the long – term, have a teacher, and are coming from a place of respect and peace, and INSIST on dealing with this type of energy, here are some guidelines that may just help keep you safe. If any of the above are untrue, be advised that you are placing yourself and anyone doing this with you in harm’s way and putting yourself and them at grave risk.


Draw a circle of sea salt around your work area and do NOT leave the circle until closing is complete

Light candles first, if using them

Open by ringing a 7 metal bell – this helps clear the air of intent – the long sound made by the 7 basic elemental metals is calming and unmistakable.

Make your formal Statement of Intent, including any specific spirit (never try to contact a dark spirit)

Offering – usually white or red wine (practitioner drinks)

Write your Statement of Intent out on paper, and then burn the paper in a fireproof bowl.


Statement of closure and say goodbye / farewell.

State out loud that no energies may attach to you or leave the circle under any circumstances.

Close with ringing a 7 metal bell again.
Snuff candles out – do not blow them out

Once cool, bury the ashes of the paper you burnt in earth.

Again, these instructions MAY help protect you when you are working with white magic, or positive intent.

What about the Dark Stuff?

This part cannot be overstated. If you are working with dark energy and ill intent and don’t know exactly what you are doing (and we have no intention of helping you with that here) you are going to bring consequences down on your own head that you don’t want to think about. If you are lucky, you will just have most of your life force energy drained from you and will be sick for a few days to a month. If you are less lucky, you may get yourself a dark attachment that will systematically destroy your relationships, your friendships, your health, even your job and family without spiritual intervention. If you really screw up, you could be possessed or killed. These things are no laughing matter, and they are just waiting for you to take the plunge and contact them without the proper protection. Too many people have had to learn this the hard way. This energy and these entities are incredibly real, and can be incredibly dangerous.

You will notice that when you watch our investigation videos on Maxam Mysteries SPIRIT on YouTube, the same person always uses the SB-11 Spirit Box – no one else is allowed to even touch it. This is because the device is indeed spirit communication. Melissa is a trained Reiki Master and knows how to control the conversation, end it abruptly when necessary, and properly open and close the session. We take spirit communication very very seriously, and so should you.

Maxam Mysteries SPIRIT


The Natomas Ley Lines

Article by Brent L. George


North Natomas, CA

8:00 p.m.

September 17, 2016

 The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was dispatched to the home of “Jay”, who claimed that the front living room of his newer North Natomas home had been taken over by paranormal activity to the extent that the room was completely unusable. He claimed that staying in the room for any length of time caused headaches and dizziness, and that whatever energy seemed to have set up residence in the living room was beginning to permeate the rest of the house. He also complained of feeling watched and often unable to think clearly in the house.

Upon hearing the complaint of this type of activity, S.P.I.R.I.T. team members suspected the cause could be a strong EMF (electro-magnetic field) leak from a power or cable / telephone box, breaker panel, or even a possible a gas leak. One of things S.P.I.R.I.T. does for people is to help identify problems in their home that are not necessarily paranormal, nonetheless providing proof and evidence and a solid plan of action in such cases. Power boxes, breaker panels, and improperly installed wiring are the most common culprits. High levels of EMF can, however, supply energy to paranormal entities, causing a “perfect storm” of physically explainable conditions and paranormal phenomena. In this case, the cause turned out to be neither.

The Investigation

Upon arrival, team members were able to validate and measure extremely high levels of EMF in the front living room, tripping the EDI Meter, the MEL Meter, and the K2 Meter simultaneously. Indeed, spending any time in the room at all would cause severe headaches, disorientation, mood swings, and dizziness. The team was at first unable to pinpoint the source of the EMF – there were no power or telecommunication boxes or breaker panels anywhere near the living room. Moreover, the team was eventually able to determine that the EMF energy was coming from the floor of the home, and was highest in the living room.

At this point in the investigation, one may naturally think that the culprit must be buried power and / or telephone / DSL lines. That makes sense on the surface, but was ultimately debunked as not being the cause of these unacceptably high EMF readings. Our readings in the front of this home cannot be reasonably explained by buried power lines or telecommunications lines. Here’s why:

  • The North Natomas neighborhood is a relatively new neighborhood – Jay’s family originally purchased the home new and had been living in it for a just a few years. In that time, Jay had suffered from migraine headaches, disorientation, seeing physical phenomena (lights, apparitions, etc.), potential hallucinations, feelings of paranoia, skin disorders, joint and body pain, and much more, especially before discontinuing use of the front living room. He had never suffered from these ailments before moving into the home.
  • Modern construction techniques require shielding of buried power lines so that EMF from the power lines do not interfere with modern electronic and computer equipment. Moreover, the lines are buried deeply enough that the soil itself acts as a natural shield, absorbing any EMF energy leaking through. A new home built directly over buried power lines should register no more than .001 milligaus of EMF energy. Jay’s entire living room was giving off between 0.9 and 10 milligaus in different parts of the living room – equivalent to holding the meters up to a large amplified subwoofer stereo speaker.
  • Modern buried power line arrays span approximately ten feet across at most – usually less than that. Using specialized equipment such as the EDI Meter 1, EDI Meter II, MEL REM and other equipment, we were able to measure the exact width of the power conduit that seemed to run underneath Jay’s home – it began in the middle of his back yard and ran through his house, reaching its power apex directly underneath his living room, and running to the middle of the public street on which Jay’s home was built – a width of approximately 60 feet. This is absolutely impossible in a residential neighborhood – we are talking about a width of power levels seen only at the base of generators of a hydro-electric dam. It was no wonder Jay was feeling the negative effects of EMF energy in his home.

The team then made another astonishing discovery – a second conduit of EMF energy that ran along the side of his house and into the neighboring house, which had sat abandoned for some time and for some reason could not be sold for what the owner was asking. S.P.I.R.I.T. team members verified this by walking up to the front door of the neighboring house (which again, was abandoned) and holding our equipment to the front door, which pegged the meters at 20 milligaus. Of course, the team was legally unable to take any further readings of the neighboring house. Power line arrays never intersect and cross each other in this way. What was going on underneath Jay’s house was either paranormal, or possibly explained by poorly understood natural Earth energy – a ley line.

As if to confirm this, the team then made another astonishing discovery – where the two perpendicular EMF paths appeared to intersect each other in Jay’s front living room, an ordinary liquid analog compass showed a confirmed, demonstrable, and repeatable deviation from Magnetic North of an impossible 35 degrees – defying the known laws of physics, outside of a 60 foot magnet being buried underneath the house, also a physical impossibility.

This measurement of this mysterious phenomenon was recorded by S.P.I.R.I.T. investigators:





Admittedly, and as seen in the above videos, this investigator was himself at the time unfamiliar with what a ley line actually is.

The existence of ley lines is mostly theoretical, and their existence is debated within scientific circles. The Ley Line Theory essentially holds that the Earth’s natural magnetic field, which is one of many components of our planet that determines its specific gravity, is divided into a grid-like pattern that spans the entire globe, mimicking but not exactly matching the measurement of Earth’s longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

According to the theory, the way it works is this: The inner core of our planet is extremely dense solid magnetic iron. It rotates independently of the planet itself, because it is suspended in the mantle – molten rock and iron that makes up the bulk of the interior of our planet. When the molten mantle manages to seep through cracks in the Earth’s 26 mile thick crust – the seven major tectonic plates that form the surface of the Earth – it can erupt in the form of volcanic lava, or it can superheat underground water tables, creating geothermal activity such as geysers, hot springs, and molten mud pots. As the core turns at a faster rate than its surrounding viscous mantle, friction is created, creating electricity. This electricity is affected by the magnetic iron core, creating a magnetic field around the entire planet that affects the specific gravity in relation to the rate of rotation of the planet. The polarity of the core being slightly off-center from True North is why there is a difference between Magnetic North and True North. (Note that the investigators, including myself, keep saying in the above video that the compass is reading True North in one part pf the room – this is incorrect – the correct terminology we should have used was that the compass was reading Magnetic North in that part of the room.)

So this planetary magnetic field is essentially a result of the fact that the Earth itself is one gigantic generator. Ley Line Theory postulates that this electromagnetic field is evenly dispersed across the globe according to the mathematical dynamics of a sphere – the exact same type of layout as the Earth’s longitudinal and latitudinal lines. Think of a laser diffused from the center of a glass globe – because of the shape of the sphere, the energy would diffuse itself over the shape of a globe in a grid-like pattern. This is Ley Line Theory. If the theory is correct, you would not want to build anything where two of these lines intersect, the EMF levels given off would simply be too high to be safe for human habitation for any length of time.

Another interesting note: It makes mathematical sense that the 90 degree intersection of two of these ley lines would confuse a magnetic compass and throw it off by half, since there are two ley lines – it would cause a 45 degree deviation in the compass. When you factor in the 10 degree difference between True North and Magnetic North, if you use Magnetic North as your baseline, then a compass reacting to two intersecting ley lines would have no mathematical choice but to show a 35 degree deviation from Magnetic North – exactly what our readings showed.

Upon further research, it was the conclusion of the S.P.I.R.I.T. team to “Jay” that his home was built upon an unsafe intersection of natural Earth energy, and that he should move as soon as possible for his own health and well-being. This is not something we frequently advise, and honestly were sad to do. His life was on the line, and we had no choice. We did conduct spiritual cleansings of both “Jay” and his home, as the ley line energy also allowed for paranormal activity and his personal energy to need clearing. The final solution was ultimately that he vacate the space.

S.P.I.R.I.T. hopes that one day, the scientific community will take a more serious look at the Ley Line Theory as one based in fact, and at least in this case, observable and repeatable scientific measurement and evidence lending credence to the theory.

Although the EMF levels found in Jay’s home are unsafe for human habitation, this level of EMF is like a gas station that serves up Premium Unleaded for free to the spirit world. It was therefore not surprising to us that we did in fact observe evidence of possible spirit activity as well in the home:


We also got SB 11 Spirit Box responses that were not in English, and were very likely Native American. This again is not surprising – Native American spirits in this area would not be uncommon on recently developed land, and these spirits would also likely take notice, if not concern, of the Earth energy present at the location. Melissa and Wendy also felt that “Jay” had familial spirits around him who were trying to help. Although we always find paranormal activity interesting, the team decided in this instance that spirit activity had little to do with what “Jay” was experiencing in his home – the main source of his problems, in our opinion, was a ley line intersection in his living room, and we urged him to sell the home, at a loss if necessary, and move immediately.

From an objective and scientific point of view, this was one of the more fascinating cases the S.P.I.R.I.T. team has ever encountered.

Case Closed

Classification: Ley Line / Intense Natural Earth Energy (with a noted harmless peripheral haunting).

UPDATE: As of this writing, July 7, 2018, “Jay” has moved out of the home, and is spending time with friends, family and light traveling. He is trying to restore his life that was essentially decimated by the effects of the EMF in the home. His mind and body took major hits during the course of his residency there, and may take years to fully recover from the effects he experienced there. We wish him well and look forward to more updates on his progress.

The Boy In the Closet

Article by Brent L. George

September 12, 2016


The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was invited to the home of “Jason and Kathy,” fellow paranormal investigators and friends from a Citrus Heights – based paranormal group that was on hiatus at the time.

Reported Activity

“Jason and Kathy” had noticed a few moving shadows and orbs, wondering if these were possible attachments from previous cases. Their cat seemed to “track” or follow unseen things in the living room, and most notably, their five year old daughter “Sam” had an invisible friend, a boy she said was her age, whom she called “Joey.”

The Investigation

Flash photography and meter readings throughout most of the home yielded no anomalies, and the house did not feel especially oppressive to any of the investigative team. Interestingly, Melissa said she did pick up on the presence of a child spirit in or near the home.

“Sam” went to bed at 8:30 p.m. As the meter and photography walkthrough concluded, I noticed the EDI Meter was reading three out of four lights lit up on its EMF meter in the master bedroom closet. We had not noticed this before ‘Sam” went to bed. A K2 meter also lit up to four (10 milligaus) in the closet, and the K2 Temperature Alarm detected a measurable cold spot in the closet. I took out a standard analog compass to see if I could validate the readings, and incredibly, the compass deviated 15 degrees off of magnetic north inside the closet. S.P.I.R.I.T team members inspected the interior of the closet to find an explanation for these readings, but found only clothes and shoes – there were no electronic boxes or equipment / devices of any kind in the closet.


We opened an SB11 Spirit Box session in the master bedroom. Almost immediately, we heard the voice of a male child say “Hiii.” Incredibly, the voice identified itself as Joey. We asked him if he needed help, and we got the response “I’m lost.”

Melissa and Wendy psychically saw the boy alive in a field of corn crying and looking for his parents, his parents and a search party of farm workers looking for him in a 1930s – era farm truck. They felt that the boy became separated from his parents on farmland long ago in what is now modern day Citrus Heights, and died of exposure. The team was never able to validate the story of this lost boy – the only news source at that time would have been local newspapers and radio stations. However, it was confirmed that up until the late 1950s, corn was in fact grown in what is now that section of Citrus Heights.

This was an emotional moment for everyone involved. With prayer and energy work, the team was able to guide Joey to the light and cross him over. After the crossing, all meters read 0 in the master bedroom closet. A light smudging of white sage and Palo Santo wood was conducted in the home for good measure.

Case Closed

Classification: Lost Soul / Needed to be Crossed Over


The Case of the Haunted Helmet

Article by Brent L. George

12/02/2017 Folsom, CA 6PM

Investigators: Melissa, Brent, Jon, Wendy, and Daine, a local theoretical physicist who was in this instance invited to observe the investigation.
Article Disclaimer: This article deals with an object of historical significance that once belonged to an officer of the Third Reich. If discussion of Nazi Germany or the image of a swastika in any way offends you, you should not read this article. The S.P.I.R.I.T. team presents the evidence from this case from an objective and fact-based scientific point of view. Nothing else. The spirit we helped cross over was a confused soul who needed our help. He very likely died scared, alone, and confused – far from home, doing what his country told him he had to do.

The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was dispatched to the Folsom, CA home of an older couple.  Although the couple had experienced very little paranormal activity in their home, they had recently inherited an object of historical significance that seemed to have its own energy – to the point where the husband, Michael, acquired a K2 meter in order to test the object. The object in question was a World War II police helmet worn by an officer of the Third Reich.

Since the claims of paranormal activity were specific to the helmet, S.P.I.R.I.T.’s first task was to verify the authenticity of the helmet, and when it was manufactured. This is important because if the helmet was manufactured after 1945, it would not be authentic and would therefore not be of historical significance.  It is a sad truth that authentic artifacts from the Nazi Regime are considered highly collectible – anything collectible can and very often is reproduced. So we had to make sure we were dealing with the real McCoy here.

The helmet appeared to be from the correct time period; scratches on the helmet appeared to indicate that the Nazi insignia were original to the helmet, and the lining (what was left of it) appeared correct. The worn “Edel” stamp inside the helmet was the one thing more than anything else that established that the helmet was genuine and very likely saw combat use early in the war.

Inside of Helmet

This is where the highest EMF readings were detected.

Helmet Marking

Deutsche Edelstahl Company manufacturer marking

Helmet Front

M1934 style helmet

Nazi Helmet Swastika

Issued between 1940 and 1943 to an officer of the Deutsche Polizei

The location of the markings on the helmet identify it as an authentic M1934 style helmet issued between1940 and 1943 to an officer of the Deutsche Polizei – the German Police. It is important to understand that the Deutsche Polizei were a military unit separate from the Heer (army) Luftwaffe (Air Force) or the Kriegsmarine (Navy). These three units formed the German Military, known as the Wehrmacht. The Deutsche Polizei were an elite fighting unit responsible for anything from fire control to crowd / civil unrest suppression, to internal investigations and guard duty for members of the German High Command. The Deutsche Polizei operated under the direct authority of the Nazi SS (ShutzStaffel, or Secret Police).

The “Edel” marking shows the helmet was manufactured by the Deutsche Edelstahl Company, which produced these helmets from 1934 to 1943. The markings on the helmet and the absence of the early “steel comb” that would run along the outside center of the helmet identify it as an Edelstahl helmet issued between 1940 and 1943. Interestingly, edelstahl also means “stainless steel” in German. The company’s name (translated) was the German Stainless Steel Company.

The Investigation

K2 meters consistently hit to “3” (the third light) or between 2.5 and 10 milligauss at the front of the helmet. The EDI Meter also hit to two lights on the helmet. The Trifield Meter, which is more sensitive than the K2 or EDI meters, and measures in microteslas  (1 microtesla = 10 volts / meter) hit to 100 microteslas on the front, center, and inside the helmet, essentially “pegging” the Trifield Meter. The meter was then set to filter out AC and DC electric current, radio waves, and microwaves, leaving unexplained electromagnetic energy as the only possibility that would even begin to account for these readings. Since the helmet is constructed solely of stainless steel, it is not and cannot be naturally magnetic by itself, leaving the cause of these readings as unexplained, or paranormal. Added to this, a glowing white orb is seen coming out of the helmet while the Trifield readings are being taken, and again flying behind the helmet as I conclude the readings, commenting, “That’s a haunted object, folks!”

Next, we conducted an SB11 Spirit Box session in the direct presence of the helmet. Almost immediately, we received the Spirit Box response, “Wie geht’s?” This is informal German for “How’s it going?” This alone constitutes proof of the paranormal – an intelligent response in German, while conducting a Spirit Box session in front of a suspected haunted Nazi helmet. It should be noted that the family is not of German heritage or descent, and there are no radio stations within a thousand miles of the investigation that broadcast in German. The SB11 Spirit Box response of “Wie geht’s” should be absolutely impossible.

Melissa and Wendy

Melissa and Wendy during the Spirit Box session.

We continued to receive responses in German to questions asked in German:

Investigator: “Der Zweiten WeldKrieg ist vorbei. Deutschland hat den Krieg verloren.” (The Second World War is over. Germany lost the war).

SB 11 Spirit Box: “Den Krieg – “  (The war…..)

Investigator:  “Waren Sie im Krieg getotet?”  (Were you killed in the war?)

SB11 Spirit Box: “Da.”

This response is interesting. “Da” is yes, in Russian. However, it is very close to the German word for yes, “Ja.”

A German spirit suddenly responding in Russian in this situation is not as inconsistent as one might think. On September 1st, 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, formally opening the Second World War. On August 23, 1941, Hitler signed a non-aggression treaty with Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union at the time.  On June 22, 1942, Hitler broke that treaty and invaded the Soviet Union, infuriating Stalin. This decision on Germany’s part would prove to be one of several in a series of decisions that played a major role in turning the tide of war in the European Theater and bringing about the destruction of the Third Reich. When the Allies invaded Northern France at Normandy on June 6, 1944, Hitler had spread himself too thin, having mounted a ground war across the largest sovereign nation in the world geographically. Ultimately, the Third Reich could not sustain this level of control over Europe as the Allies pushed from the West and the Soviets pushed back from the East. Poland was thus a pivotal battleground both early and late in the war in the European Theater.  The SB11 Spirit Box  responding in Russian, combined with the date the helmet was manufactured as an M1934, places this soldier on the Russian front in 1942, where he most likely met his untimely death.

Investigator: “Wann wurden Sie getotet?” (When were you killed?)

SB11 Spirit Box: “Zwei n Fiertig.” (Forty – Two).

When we closed the Spirit Box session, We thanked the spirit for speaking with us. We received a final  “Tshcuss!” (So long!)

Based on this evidence and the investigation overall, the S.P.I.R.I.T. team feels confident in claiming that we spoke to the spirit of a deceased soldier of the Third Reich who died on the Russian front some time after June 22, 1942. The soldier was very pleasant and seemed genuinely pleased to be given a chance to tell his story. He was likely a young man in his early twenties – he knew little of the world that he died for. It should be reiterated here that even though he fought for one of the most destructive political regimes that the world has ever seen, he himself was just a human soul who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time in history. This sad case was one that affected every team member in different ways. The evidence gathered in the case was, in our humble opinion, phenomenal, and difficult to discount as anything but concrete proof of the afterlife.

Melissa felt that he was reluctant to cross over for fear of punishment for his actions during the war as a soldier. These acts were very likely beyond terrible, and may have included killing civilians. We assured him (in German) that he would be welcome on the other side, that whatever acts he committed would be reviewed in the light of the fact that he did these things under military orders during the worst military conflict of the century. Ultimately, we felt the spirit was ready to cross over.

After meditating and crossing the spirit over, Melissa conducted a cleansing of both the home and the helmet, with energy work and holy water. After the cleansing, the S.P.I.R.I.T. team noted that the helmet was still giving off EMF readings, but at dramatically reduced levels.

The team also completed a walkthrough of the entire home, to ensure that the helmet was the only thing in the home that was haunted. In the upstairs Master Bedroom, Melissa picked up on the homeowner’s deceased mother, and felt constricted in the throat and chest. Indeed, the occupant’s mother had died of lung disease. Melissa also felt an intense male energy in the Master Bedroom closet – this turned out to be the living energy of the homeowner.

Case Closed

Classification: Haunted Object / Spirit Attachment to a Physical Object

UPDATE: As of this writing, January 21, 2018, the helmet continues to cause EMF meters to go off at reduced levels.


Big Trouble In Stockton

Article By Brent L. George

September 10, 2016

8:00 p.m.

Investigators: Melissa Lockett, Jon Koyasako, Wendy Maxam, Brent George

The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was dispatched to a mansion in Stockton, CA. The homeowners, the third owners of the home, fled in the middle of the night, leaving many of their belongings and all of their furniture behind. The homeowners had called their realtor and demanded the house be placed on the market immediately, refusing to ever set foot in the house again. They arranged for a mover to come and collect their furniture and belongings in their absence within the week. The family wanted no publicity whatsoever, and did not wish to contact any paranormal teams for fear of any unwanted publicity.

The realtor contacted S.P.I.R.I.T. and asked for an emergency blessing of the home before they would in good conscience place the property on the market. The investigation was accepted on the condition of total anonymity for both the realtor and the homeowners. Any mention of specific locations, or identifying features or photographs has thus been withheld from this article.

The Investigation

On our preliminary walkthrough of the house, Melissa and Wendy both felt a dark oppressive force in the house, watching all of us. K2 and EDDI meters went off consistently in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and the closet in the bedroom at the end of one wing of the house. Large self-illuminated orbs that could be seen with the naked eye showed themselves several times during the investigation.

Jon OrbLarge Orb

Spirit Box and EVP sessions yielded little evidence; however, we did catch one EVP in the bedroom at the end of the hall (to be discussed in context momentarily).

A thorough survey of the house and back yard by Jon and Brent revealed something very interesting about the location. As is very common in modern subdivisions, most houses in the neighborhood were variations on a basic design and layout. The mansion we investigated was in the middle of and part of such a subdivision, but shared none of the common layout features with other homes in the subdivision. The house had obviously been custom built to very exacting specifications. Revealing specifics of the house’s shape and design could hint at its location, but it is safe to say the overall design of the house revealed an inescapable conclusion that it was built using what is known as sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the manipulation of angles and lines to represent meaningful numbers, degrees, or equations in the underlying mathematics of a given design. This house incorporated such a design, causing S.P.I.R.I.T. investigators to strongly suspect a Satanic connection to the property.

In the bedroom at the end of the hall, Brent and Melissa set up a laser grid pointing into the walk-in closet.

Grid Mel


At first, little evidence was gathered in this room, deploying the grid, K2 meters, and an SB 11 Spirit Box. Melissa left the room to talk with one of the realtors. During this time, something amazing happened. The entire laser grid began to pulsate in direct response to Brent’s questions. This was captured on video.

This should be impossible. Not only were fresh batteries installed in the grid emitter immediately prior to the experiment, but the laser grid is not designed to pulsate with strong and then waning power. Indeed, this investigation was the only time in 107 investigations that this investigator has ever seen a grid do this. If a laser grid’s batteries were dying, the light produced by the emitter would simply grow dimmer and dimmer like a flashlight with dying batteries – it would not and cannot pulse stronger and weaker when powered by ordinary alkaline batteries, because batteries supply what is known as DC or Direct Current.

However, it did. This constitutes the best paranormal footage incorporating a laser grid that S.P.I.R.I.T. members have ever witnessed.

Immediately following this event, we captured an EVP from the entity in this closet, further validating this extraordinary paranormal evidence. In response to the question “Who opened the portal?” the entity responds with a simple “Portal.”

This was the only time all evening the entity was willing to respond to us verbally.


The Cleansing

Due to the suspected nature of the case, the fact that the house itself was built to encourage and invite paranormal activity, and at the client’s request, a full house exorcism was performed. This rare type of cleansing requires an enormous amount of energy and personal risk of spiritual attack on the part of the investigators. The portal in the closet was closed and sealed with holy water from the Grotto at Lourdes, France, tar water, white sage and Palo Santo wood, and red brick dust, some of the most potent cleansing tools available to any paranormal team anywhere. During the cleansing, photographs came out dark and blurry, even with a flash.

The realtors thanked the S.P.I.R.I.T. team, and we packed up and left, exhausted and hoping for the best for this ill-fated house.


As of the writing of this article, 09/30/2017 (just over one year after the investigation) all paranormal activity in the house has ceased. Although still actively trying to sell the house, the family has moved back in and is living there in peace. The family continues to request complete anonymity.


Case Closed.

Classification: Active Demonic Portal