Housekeeping & appreciation

Well hello loyal SPIRIT friends and followers!

We wanted to do some quick housekeeping notes to keep everyone going and flowing through the year with us as we are so blessed to be so busy!  We want to ensure each of you receives proper care and rapid responses. 

We currently have about 99% of messages replied to, so if you sent an inquiry previously, you should likely have a response.

SPIRIT receives a large amount of email or private message correspondence via our various platforms, and we do try to triage them quickly and effectively. If you contact us through our main website ( please be sure you are filing out the official Contact Us page Form. Leaving comments on articles or threads is fine if it’s about that subject, but if you are hoping for an expedient response, the form is the way to go.  🙂 If you Private Message our pages (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) we are likely to reply fairly quickly, depending on when you send the message. If you call the hotline, we will respond as early as possible.  Also of note, we are all normal day job workers as well, so of course ability to respond and ability to book does revolve around that.

Our desire is to provide any and all help we can with a variety of paranormal questions and concerns. Some of you are looking to book an in person investigation & blessing, others want private readings (phone or in person), some just need resource information – we can and do cover it all.

If you are offered an actual date for services, please know that we will respond to the email address provided or Private message directly and that is our typical method of communication. If you do not see a response in your email box, and it has been an extended period of time since you messaged us, Please be sure to check your spam folders and other message folders, as we will only hold proposed dates for a limited time. We do try to hold them as long as possible, but unfortunately, we are unable to keep them open perpetually. That’s why we encourage each wonderful potential client to keep their eyes on their email boxes and to feel free to follow up with us if need be, we are human and we don’t want to miss anyone! We are happy to help in any way we can. 

Please know that each message is VERY important to us, we have responded to hundreds over the last few months and have been privileged to already meet and help many of you. 

SPIRIT is currently booked out through the remainder of the year and into early 2020. However, that does not mean we are unable to assist. We have a variety of ways to assist, including emergency case options, resource info docs to empower you in your own space, lightworkers we trust in the community for certain services and phone or email consultations. If you need us, we will find a way!! If you want us to do an in person visit, please inquire, we will let you know of any date available. 

Our house blessing information, how to prepare for a private reading and aura/grounding information is all available on our website or upon request via a PDF attachment that can be emailed.

SPIRIT is here to serve YOU! We want to help share as much light and help as we can. Nothing makes our team happier than assisting the community. We wanted to address these basic questions, due to our sheer volume of inquiries and knowing that some of you may be unsure of how to contact us, where the responses are sent or if you can still reach out to us and still obtain a date.

I hope all of this helps, and thank you all again for being the BEST part of what we do! We have the absolute best clients, followers and friends in the community!

Best wishes,


Group Coordinator, Empathic Medium, Aura Reader, Reiki Master, Social Media & public Media liaison

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