Tools We Use

Some of the tools we use during investigations…

dual spectrum camcorder

Dual IR and Full Spectrum Camcorder

Dual-Mode Full Spectrum & Normal HD Camcorder

• SWITCHES from Normal Light to Full Spectrum for investigations and every-day use.
• A ghost hunting camcorder like no other.
• This Full Spectrum HD camcorder switches to normal light when needed. It even has an built-in IR light. It’s like two having two video cameras in one plus a light. This camcorder is perfect for investigations in the dark then switch it to ‘normal light’ mode for every-day use. This full-featured camcorder takes full 1080p high definition video, high quality photos, zoom and more. With the ability to switch from normal light to night vision, no matter what you’re recording, day or night, this camera does it all. Thanks to the dual SD storage slots this cam holds two cards at a time.

◦ Full Spectrum & Normal Light Modes
◦ Built-in Night Vision Light
◦ 1080p HD Video
◦ Dual SD Card Storage

We recommend additional lighting for this camcorder for a higher quality picture and greater distance. The on-board light is acceptable for small rooms. But this camera really shines when combined with our Creepy Hollow lights. See the Accessories to the right for suggested lights to accompany this camcorder.
◦ 1080p HD Video Recording
◦ Continuous power and recording when plugged into power
◦ Full Spectrum and Normal Light Modes
◦ IR Light automatically turns on in Full Spectrum Mode for night vision capability
◦ On-board Infrared Light for Night Vision
◦ Takes 16MP Photos
◦ 10x Optical Zoom
◦ USB Port for easy file transfer
◦ 3.0″ Touch Panel LCD
◦ Dual SD Storage Slots holds TWO SD cards for large storage capabilities (one standard size SD and one Micro)
◦ Tripod Mount for mounting to a tripod or adding additional lights and accessories
◦ Built-in White Video Light
◦ Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery
◦ Motion Detection


Dual Mode Full Spectrum and Infrared Light

Full Spectrum & Infrared Dual Switching Light

Full Spectrum & Infrared Dual Switching Light

Switch between night vision (infrared) or full spectrum all in one light. Just flip a switch for IR only and the other to turn on full spectrum.

◦ Mode 1: Infrared (IR) only
◦ Mode 2: Full Spectrum

Sometimes you just want to use night vision. Other times you may want to take full advantage of full spectrum images. Now you can do both with one light. It utilizes a range of lighting to take full advantage of our full spectrum optics including infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. It attaches to any camcorder, camera or tripod or can be handheld. This light is the most compact light on the market with just 6 high power LED lights and packs a surprisingly powerful punch! In includes a dual purpose shoe mount with female tripod mount on the bottom for mounting.

Infrared mode uses the top 4 infrared LEDs. Flip the top-most toggle switch up for IR only. Full Spectrum mode utilizes all 6 LEDs including 4 infrared, 1 ultraviolet and 1 green for visible light. For Full Spectrum mode flip both switches in the up position. (note: for full spectrum mode to work, both switches must be on as the UV/green lights will not turn on by themselves).

This light utilizes the Creepy Hollow mounting system designed and manufactured right here at GhostStop. It was developed to allow for quickly and easily attaching camera accessories to either a hot shoe or tripod mount with a strong grip.

Mel Meter REM-ATDD

Mel Meter REM-ATDD

Simultaneous EMF, EM Field output, Temp Alert with Illuminated Display and flashlight.

In addition to detecting ‘Natural’ and man-made EMF frequencies (AC/DC) & ambient temperature changes in the environment, this new feature also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion… four Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) unit that detects and alerts you to ambient temperature changes with an audio tone. If the temperature drops, a lower tone is heard and if the temperature rises the tone is heard with a higher pitch alert. This is very helpful in detecting environmental changes without staring at the unit all night.


  • ELF Range down to 30Hz!
  • Night Vision Safe, High Intensity Red Flashlight & Red Backlight
  • Multi-Colored REM-ATDD LED Lights
  • Built in ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) with audible tone alerts
  • Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously!
  • Custom Glow-In-The-Dark Push Buttons. A 30 sec. Charge from Your Flashlight Lasts 3 Hours!
  • Super Bright Custom Red “Night view” Display with On/Off Button
  • Fast Response Type “K” Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Ambient Temperature Readings
  • Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values

K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert

This K2 Deluxe EMF meter with on/off switch and audio buzzer alerts you to changes in EM frequencies with both the traditional LED light graph and sound. This added feature will help you quickly be alerted to potential activity without staring at the meter all night. Additionally, this buzzer is a great addition so that all audio-records in the vicinity will ‘hear’ and document when EMF spikes occur even when video cameras are not present.



EDI+ Meter

EDI+ Meter
Environmental Detection Instrument + Graphing Data Log

The EDI Meter is an all-in-one ghost hunting tool built for ghost hunting and paranormal investigators who want precision detection and data that can be thoroughly analyzed.

Just call me ‘Eddy.

The most feature-packed ghost hunting device just got better. The new EDI+ has additional sensors, alerts, display control and data logging that you can view on a timeline graph.

  • Data log and graphing of ALL readings
  • EMF meter with sound and dual readout
  • Ambient temperature readout
  • Vibration sensor display
  • Pressure and humidity

Data Logging, Graphing and Marking
Seeing a reading spike during an investigation is helpful. But what if you could see every sampling of all environmental readings on one timeline? Now you can with the EDI+. This new features takes the readings of the EDI+ sensors and records them to an SD card which can be viewed later in a timeline graph or spreadsheet. Now you can analyze all of the sensor data on a timeline including EMF, temperature, vibration, pressure and humidity.

Hit RECORD and go investigate.
With just one touch you can begin recording all of the environmental sensor data to an SD card. Just insert the SD card, hit record and go investigate.

Flag your timeline for special review.
During your investigation you can tell the EDI+ to mark a certain point in the data for special review. If something occurs during your investigation that you feel should be noted on the data, the EDI+ will flag the file for you to take note of later during review.

Review results on your computer.
The EDI+ data logger stores all investigation information on an SD card.

Multi-Use Display
The EDI+ utilizes a fast-response screen to display the exact readings from each sensor. With just a touch of a button you can switch the display to any one sensor readout. This way you can get an exact and quick readout of the EMF, thermometer, pressure or humidity.

EMF Meter with Sound
The EDI+ utilizes a highly sensitive Electromagnetic Field Sensor detecting even small changes in the electromagnetic field around the device. The display shows you an exact reading of the EMF strength in addition to a traditional lighted scale. You will also hear when spikes occur with an audible tone indicating EMF spikes. Theories within the ghost hunting field suggest that these spikes may signify activity or communication from spirits on the other side. Given that, the use of sensitive and reliable EMF detection during an investigation is important to document. The speaker can be turned on/off as you desire.
Ambient Thermometer
The EDI+ contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time digital display. In addition to the digital readout there are LED light indicators that light to alert you to spikes or drops in temperature. Blue when the temperature drops and orange/red when it gets warmer. The unit of measurement can be switched to display Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Vibration Sensor
The EDI contains a highly sensitive geophone for detecting vibration. A built-in accelerometer is programmed to pick up the slightest movement on the surface it is sitting on. Even a small touch on the table will set off the indicator panel. This features is very helpful on cases with reported footsteps, knocking and moving objects. Like a graph, the device will light up the amount of LEDs based on the intensity of the vibration or movement. This can be toggled on/off if the device is being used in a hand-held fashion.
Air Pressure
The EDI+ also detects changes in pressure. The readout will display the live readings.
The EDI+ also detects humidity within the air around the unit. The readout will display the live readings.

Built Tough!
The EDI is built strong from the inside out. With a hard shell case and protective, rugged rubber boot you can feel confident it will be well protected.

Choose Your Color
The EDI+ comes with a protective rubber boot cover that keeps it protected. There are a few colors to choose from. Select your favorite at checkout above.

Theories within the ghost hunting field suggest that ghosts may have the ability to manipulate our environment. That may include energy changes, temperature, motion, pressure and more. As such, it is important for paranormal investigators to detect those changes with precision and review the results with accuracy and context. As such, ‘Eddy’ was born to ensure the integrity of that information and give investigators easy access to precise review of that data.




TriField Natural EMF Meter

TriField Natural EMF Meter

The TriField Natural EMF Meter detects changes in natural and man-made electric and magnetic fields (AC/DC) in all directions. This precision tool wears many hats for total control over the fields detected and sensitivity to suit the environment. It is so highly sensitive it will detect the presence of activity even from a distance with a needle gauge and sound.

  • Highly sensitive EMF detection
  • Tri-axis sensor to detect in all directions (x, y, z planes)
  • Detects natural and man-made frequencies (AC/DC current)
  • Detection Modes: Magnetic, Electric, Radio or Sum
  • Precision analog guage
  • Sound alert that changes with reading intensity
  • Adjustable sensitivity

The TriField Natural Meter was designed for precision measurement. As paranormal investigators, we require precision on minimal changes. The Trifield does that by detection extremely weak static (DC or ‘natural’) electric, magnetic fields and radio waves. It alerts to changes with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge.

It’s so sensitive it can detect you waving your hand near the meter or a person walking nearby, even through a wall. The sensitivity knob on the side allows you to adjust to the right amount you need for the environment. Just set it down, wait for the meter to baseline then turn to adjust the sensitivity knob to your preference.



Spirit Box SB11

Spirit Box SB11
Seen on Ghost Adventures

The NEW P-SB11 Spirit Box is a great tool with great new features for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. This new model, following the success of the SB7, includes many new features for paranormal investigations and communication with the beyond.


  • Single or Dual Simultaneous Sweep Modes
  • Temperature Alert with Audible Tone
  • AM/FM Selectability
  • Adjustable Sweep Speeds (50msec – 350msec in 50msec increments)
  • Forward and Reverse Sweep
  • Adjustable Antenna Signal Attenuation
  • Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) Hot & Cold Spot Detection with Sound and Light Array
  • High Intensity RED LED Flashlight
  • Dual Simultaneous Audio Outputs
  • Expansion Port for Future Upgrade Compatibility



Spiritual Tools

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France

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