Tips when booking with us!

Hello all you wonderful people!! Since we are booking out so far in advance, and helping such a wide variety of awesome people in a variety of ways… it’s always good to ensure we are able to confirm our appointments with you. Here are some tips. 

Also for reference – here is a description of what to expect from S.P.I.R.I.T.:

Helpful hints for Clients:

– If you correspond with us via email or private message on social media, that is where we will reply to you. Please ensure you check that method of communication for responses. If you lose access to that method of communication, please return to our website and fill out the Contact Us Form or call our hotline – 916-363-3165 to provide us your new contact information. • -Check your spam folders and private message accounts for correspondence from us, as on occasion emails can get caught in spam. If we somehow missed your message for whatever reason, you absolutely can inquire if we saw your email/message. We are experiencing a very high volume of incoming messages, things can get missed on rare occasion, so the kindness and patience you show us is appreciated!

– We encourage you to place the date we offer you in your calendar. (most digital calendars can have reminders set, which is very helpful).

-We will send a confirmation email or message a few days ahead of your scheduled appointment – if we do NOT receive a reply from you on that message, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

-Due to our high volume, and limited resources we cannot just “show up” – if you do not respond, we consider that a cancellation.

– If we offer you a date and you do not respond, please know, that date may be re-designated to the next available client. We will hold dates for a fair amount of time before releasing them to someone else. – If you need to cancel or reschedule, we totally understand. At least two (2) days’ notice is appreciated, but obviously not required – if an emergency arises the day of, we more than understand – we simply appreciate a heads up, especially if it will be a longer drive for our team. We are based in Sacramento – and serve a 2.5hr radius.

– We do have a limited quantity of EMERGENCY openings – these are held for the most dire of cases (physical attacks, children being harmed, dangerous circumstances that are putting anyone in the home at risk, etc.) If you request an emergency spot, please ensure your phenomena is greater than just “feeling scared”. We appreciate how awful ANY/ALL paranormal activity is, and want to help ALL of you. We do book on a first come first serve basis, but attempt to allow room for true paranormal crisis.

– We will often offer resource documents or referrals in the circumstances where it is appropriate or upon request for those needing/wanting something ahead of our visit. These resource documents are extremely useful and user friendly, and very effective, especially for clients outside our direct service area.

– If you have questions before a case, or post-case care questions, please absolutely ask, that’s what we are here for. Ensuring you receive all the help and services you need is our goal! We want peace for both the living and the deceased.

We appreciate all of you out there so very much and look forward to being of service to you all. Even with our high incoming case load, we are more than happy to provide top notch help and resources. It is our honor and privilege to do our part in the healing process alongside each of you. Ultimately, you are the steward of your space and energy, but it’s a pleasure to be able to share what we can to be part of the process. 

Thank you all! 

-Melissa Lockett

Group Coordinator

Empathic Medium



  1. I have gone through many phones in the last few years…I average about 5 cell phones per year. They are other lost or spontaneously break. In Jan I bought a new phone but by Feb 14…..wouldn’t turn on. Is it possible that a ghost is doing this????


    • It could be a myriad of things. Psychokinetic “pk” energy can impact electronics … our own stress, anxiety etc can project into the space around us. Sometimes it’s high emf issues in a space. It can be coincidence too. Not everything is paranormal. And yes, spirits can mess with electronics too/ move things, etc. setting boundaries with them/smudging the space can help. In the event it has a PK element … try some stress relief ideas, yoga, meditation, prayer, tai chi, breathing exercises, walks, talk therapy, journaling .. anything that helps you discharge energy in positive/healthy ways. 🙂


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