green waves
Class A EVPs that have been captured by our team.

Class A EVP from an amazing investigation in Manteca 


The HELP EVP from Tre’s house July 2013


We were all outside trying to figure out where the calls for help were coming from. We even called the police and searched the entire area. Nothing could be found. The screams came from all over and were heard by everyone… 


This class A EVP was captured in Monte Rio by Wendy Maxam and Tre Lindstrom during our investigation of the Highland Dell Hotel. There were no other people around us, we were alone just outside the basement area. This was my very first investigation. We were later chased out of the Bohemian Grove. That is a whole other story, as well as the Highland Dell. We think the entity says, “Don’t want to.” 

Tre says, be a grownup. No is the response:

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