How to Prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

How to prepare for a Private Reading with Melissa

Be receptive and open

Clear your mind of any preconceived notions or expectations of what you think an Empath or Medium does or can provide. (i.e. like what you see on T.V.).

Despite what people think, we do not have “all” the answers.

Understand that I am a conduit for information, and not in control of the flow. I am in control of my energy, and ability to tap into the other side – but not what the other side provides.

Know that some readings are more about YOU as the individual and what the other side wants you to focus on/hear that specific day of the reading. Other readings have to do with living people around you. Some readings draw in deceased loved ones that

wish to make their presence known. No two readings are alike.

If possible, please only provide basic information – unless you have a VERY specific area of your life you want to tap into/know about or a specific loved one, then mention that with generality. I am happy to do focused readings but cannot promise what information will actually be available to my “sensors”. Whether you give me little to no information (most typical way of doing things), or some details that you desire to share, you can still have a thorough and productive reading. It is about what YOU need and I’m here to facilitate that.

The Empath part of my ability is where I am feeling your energy or having an experience with it, learning things about you that may be relevant to your future, or help you to heal from something in your past. The Mediumship portion of my gift has more to do with tapping into spiritual guides, angels, or loved ones from the other side; I will often “empath” or feel things relevant to a deceased person relating to their life, or how they died. The Aura Reading portion of my gift has to do with assessing the energy field surrounding your body and any information that may impart to me about your personality, well-being, and general state of spiritual health. I see these auras as colors surrounding your body. However, I am not a physician or a professional counselor / therapist. I can provide basic spiritual guidance, and I can recommend and / or refer you to light workers in your geographic area for supplemental spiritual / chakra healing, in addition to the spiritual insight that I may be able to provide you. For medical and mental health concerns, I of course can only recommend that you consult your Health Care Professional. I am only a conduit – a facilitator of spiritual healing – the actual spiritual healing ultimately comes from you; I merely support the process and any information from the divine that you are meant to receive.

For PHONE readings: Please provide at least one recent color photo of yourself via email one to two days in advance. Aura reading is part of what I provide in a session, and additional intuitive information often will come from a photo. The more recent the photo, the better the energy. If there are photos of a specific loved one you need to hear from, you may provide that, but most of the time I prefer to get that information from the souls – therefore do not wish to be “clouded”, if at all possible. I am open to each client needing something different; therefore, we can handle your reading in the way that suits you best. If you reach out to us via the website or Facebook, I can provide the email address to send photos.

For In Person readings: These can be done either in a client’s home or in a comfy neutral location. For readings in the home, please ensure a semi quiet area is available to offer the best possible session.

Have water or tissues available in the event something emotional comes up. Staying hydrated is key after a healing session as well.

Some people wish to take notes or record the session; both are fine as long as they are for personal use.

Know that I am not in control of ANY of the information received.

— I may touch on sensitive subjects that are meant for growth and or healing. Some of the info can be tough to hear or surprising.

— I may or may not receive information from deceased loved ones. There is NO guarantee mediumship/interaction with a loved

one will occur. The universe and the spirits decide.

— I am a Divine Conduit meant to bring forth anything that will help you along your journey; I am only PART of your process/path, and thankful to be that!

— I am available for follow up questions and clarification. Do know, that once I’ve delivered a reading, I often only remember sections of it, as I only serve as the conduit, and the information was not meant for me… it belongs to you.

Donations: Are FULLY optional and can be made by cash on site or PayPal – link provided via email.

I look forward to being of service and being part of your process towards healing and joy. My goal is to share as much light with you as I can. The calendar is booking up quickly – please be patient. I am here for you!!

Thank you!

Melissa Lockett

Group Coordinator- SPIRIT

Empathic Medium

Aura Reader

Reiki Master

Paranormal Investigator

Social media & public media contact/liaison

To book a reading: fill out the Contact Us form on our website or send a private message to our Facebook page. We answer them as soon as we can! 🙂

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