Contacting the Team

Thank you all for the continued support & love!! We have been so busy but so blessed to help so many wonderful folks!

We wanted to do a quick reminder on how to get in touch with us so that we see it quickly! If you need to book an in person investigation/blessing case or Private reading (phone/in person), you can fill out the Contact Us Form (not just leave a comment on a thread but fill out the Form with your name, number, reply email etc). Using the actual contact us Form ensures the message is forwarded directly to us.

Or you can reach out on one of our social media platforms such as sending us a direct message on Facebook. ( We are also on Instagram & Twitter!

You can leave comments or feedback on the website, our YouTube and Facebook as well!

We do not want to miss anyone, but we do get hundreds of requests regularly, so ensuring you utilize the right method is paramount. We strive to reply as quickly as humanly possible. 💚

You can also call the hotline and leave all pertinent information as well. 916-363-3165

We are booking a bit in advance right now but DO have resources and ways to help, so do not hesitate to reach out!

Also of note, please do check your spam folders and email address you contacted us with to ensure you are not missing our reply correspondence. Some spam programs do shuffle, move or even block messages if we do not receive a response to a date offer, we do release that date back into the pool.

Thank you all again! You all are awesome! 👻💜


  1. I have contacted you guys before..But you were booked up..I was wondering if or when you’re free if you could come by


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