Safe Paranormal and Self Protection

Below you will find two resources to help you personally protect yourself any time you you are working with human energy whether living or dead, and when reading others’ auras. These documents are also very helpful for those with new or budding spiritual gifts that need to stay protected and grounded while learning to understand their abilities. These can be tailored to fit your spiritual or faith preferences as well. When you are grounded, you will have a better experience around other people, crowds, family and work gatherings, and with how you feel in general. Keeping your aura protected allows you to feel less drained after human interaction. Any time you visit a documented haunted location, utilizing these skills will be very valuable. Once you practice these a few times, it will soon become second nature and you will be able to “bubble up” with ease and quickly!

Grounding Exercise

Aura Protection Reference Sheet

Happy reading, and always practice safe paranormal!

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