The Team

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Melissa Lockett ~ Brent GeorgeWendy Maxam ~ Jon Koyasako ~ Kara Cummings


Melissa Lockett

Investigator, Empathic Medium & Aura Reader, Reiki Master-Teacher, Social Media and Investigation Coordinator

Over the years my gift has grown leaps and bounds. As a child it began with feelings, prophetic dreams, seeing entities, and has developed and shaped into more defined complex set of abilities. While I still do not understand all of it, nor control it, I know it is a Divine blessing. It does not work at all like one would see on TV, but through the grace of God I am able to help both the living and dead in a variety of ways. My desire and goal is to provide peace of mind to the living and assist the dead with getting their messages across. Sometimes this comes easily and other times it is indeed a great challenge. I sense emotions, mental and physical symptoms of both the living and deceased. I pick up images of events of the past, and other random things which paint a greater picture of what is going on in a person’s life or have a personal meaning from a loved one that is no longer here. I also have been given this unique ability to either see with my eyes or sense via my third eye a person’s aura (soul energy). This is truly a passion for me, definitely not a fly by night hobby. I may have a day job – but my need to assist and serve in this way is a driving force in my life.  I also have built up a great deal of experience in the scientific side of Paranormal Investigation – evidence gathering, documentation, debunking, etc. I have been on at least 50 official investigations and have a wide variety of equipment which helps me document evidence that the client can review. Sometimes it is the not knowing that is the worst – that’s where my team and I come in, to shed that light on the unknown and make it not nearly as scary!

brent profile_Fotor

Brent George

Investigator / Equipment Technician / Photojournalist

I grew up in a very haunted house, and from those experiences I became very interested in the paranormal, and have been all of my life. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and am an experienced photographer. I have personally been on over 50 paranormal investigations all over Northern California and in the Sacramento area, as well as two investigations in other states. I am experienced in effectively dealing with entities and unexplained phenomena of all types.


Wendy Maxam

Videographer, photographer, webmaster, social media and graphic design, investigator, research/historian

Having experienced unexplained phenomenon my entire life, I have always questioned everything. I have filmed over 200 investigations and never tire of the interesting, weird and validating experiences we have had. Helping people alive or dead is gratifying and rewarding. I have met the most wonderful, gifted people through the years. And four of them just happen to be on this team. There is so much to be learned in this field of study and exploration. To document and validate the unexplained and mysterious. I created Maxam Mysteries on YouTube where all of our adventures can be found.


Jon Koyasako

Investigator, security, sensitive

I have been exploring my passion for the unexplained, paranormal, my own unique sensitivities/spiritual gifts for years. I have been on hundreds of residential haunting cases & many businesses & notorious locations. I have an extensive background in martial arts & theater as well.

My paranormal background includes research & resolution with hauntings, demonology, UFO’s, Big Foot and much more. I always strive to find accurate answers and peaceful resolution for our clients. I know what it’s like to live in a haunted house … everyone deserves answers! I will strive to use my scientific knowledge & equipment along with my spiritual gifts to help as many as I can! Looking forward to many more discoveries!


Kara Cummins

Investigator, metaphysical, spiritual and healing arts counselor, research/historian

My interest in the paranormal has spanned over many years. I have a desire to be of help to others, heal hearts and minds when I can – being a paranormal investigator allows me to share my passion to help those in need. I have an interest in the metaphysical, the unexplained, healing properties of crystals, plants, prayer, healing massage and much more. My interests do go beyond as well. Being creative in a variety of ways is something I enjoy deeply. I love to sew, crochet, knit, and just create beautiful things. Being involved in these paranormal investigations lets me pursue my biggest gift and interest – being of loving service to others. Giving those answers to our clients is of utmost importance to me. Through both scientific data collection, debunking and validating true evidence I believe myself and my team are allowing people to gain those answers of “what”, “who”, “why” when they hear or see things in & around their homes. I hope I can share my time with you all sometime very soon.

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