Refresher Blessing (basic)

Refresher Cleansing

Supply list:

Small white candle

Incense (Frankincense & Myrrh or Sandalwood) Sage & Palo Santo or Cedar

Holy water or holy oil (or blessed full moon or Florida water)

Sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt

Begin with opening a few windows and a door or two if you can, to allow any entities or energies to EXIT during the cleansing. Start at the front door and move clockwise through the entire house for each stage of the cleansing.

Light a white candle along with frankincense & myrrh incense asking for light and Divine energy to return around the home and the family. Do Not blow it out. If you must extinguish it for any reason, snuff it with a snuffer or spoon. Blowing it out blows away the energy you are putting into the cleansing. Tell ALL energy that no darkness may dwell in the space. Show no anger or fear – simply be firm and assertive that your space is only for positive and light energy. Ask that all earth bound spirits be released and that they have no place in the home. Command all Dark energy leave your space and never return. With spirits or positive energy, you never “command” … only use that terminology when you are requiring dark, harmful energy to exit your space.

Take Holy or other blessed waters or oil and anoint each member of the family for protection. Then go to each door and window with the Water and anoint the doorway and windowpane with a small drop of the Holy Water/blessed water or oil.

Starting at the front door, open it and leave it open during the smudging – go through the entire house, in a clockwise direction, getting into every corner and space (closets and cabinets), with either Palo Santo, Sage or Cedar (any combination thereof). Light the herbs or wood and blow them out to produce a healthy amount of smoke. While you are smudging, continue to set boundaries with the other side and ask for healing light to replace all dark energy, command dark energy to leave.

If you are comfortable with any prayers you may add those – or scripture if desired. Psalm 91 is one of the best protection scriptures and the Prayer of St. Michael as well. Tailor this to your beliefs/practices.

Optional – Salt every door threshold and windowsill with Pink Himalayan sea salt or White Sea salt. A small dusting/line is fine. This is always done after the smudge.

To remove energy off yourself if you feel heavy – take a nice sea salt, Epsom salt or Himalayan salt bath, smudge yourself after… clear your mind and your energy this way as often as you like. Consider adding essential oils (high grade/safe for skin) to the water, such as lavender or frankincense.

Intent is always KEY in these blessings. Even refresher cleansings meant to add protection after a full blessing has been done. Your desire to reclaim your space is always the most powerful, even more so than what anyone else can do.

Do this as frequently as you desire. If negative people come over for a visit, smudge when they leave, remove the film they deposit. If you had a bad day and feel stressed, smudge or bless yourself and the space.

Being strong and empowered with little fear is the most important to the success of any cleansing either by a professional or yourself – without your strength and devotion, no cleansing will stick. Investment by the client is key for full success.


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