Article By Brent L. George

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

5:00 p.m.

Investigators: Melissa and Brent

The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was invited to investigate the home of the on the air producer of a popular Sacramento weekday morning FM radio talk show.

The morning radio team had talked several times on the air of how “Producer Brandon’s” home might have some paranormal activity, based on things he and his wife had recently experienced in their new home. The show’s main host and owner, Rob was, to say the least, skeptical as to the possibility of such things being real, but he nonetheless indulged Brandon’s concerns on the air, to the point of talking about the upcoming investigation, and even admitting that he was curious to hear the ultimate outcome.

Upon arriving at the home, we were greeted by Brandon and “Mrs. Brandon” and welcomed into their home. Brandon let us know (we were previously advised that this would be the case) that he was recording us for the entirety of the evening and anything he recorded was fair game to use on his weekly podcast, or “Prodcast” as he calls it, that he produces in conjunction with the radio show.

Before beginning her initial cold walkthrough, Melissa gained her customary nod of approval from the home’s cats and of course, the radio-famous “Walter the Dog.”




The Walkthrough

Melissa conducted an initial cold walkthrough of the home, using only her own intuitive perceptions to gather information. She initially indicated she felt the spirit of a man who would repeatedly walk by the foot of the bed in the back master bedroom, and she felt energy that she said felt human but negative with anger and sadness from the side room, which was being used as a home office. Melissa said she felt very stifled and lethargic in the back spare room, and she noted an energy shift at the threshold between the front living room (near the office door) and the hallway to the rest of the house.


Brandon and his wife validated these as hits. Brandon stated one of the main reasons for calling us in was that he felt he would repeatedly see a shadow-like figure move through the glass door and past the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. Mrs. Brandon verified that the back spare bedroom felt so stifling and heavy to her that she never started turning the room into her project room, which had been her original goal for the room.

Melissa also said she felt very serene in the front corner near the kitchen. Mrs. Brandon confirmed that one of their cats would consistently drag random objects from around the house into that corner, displaying “nesting” behavior.

The Chair

Melissa keyed in on a particular object in the side office that she felt was the source of the negativity and anxiety she felt emanating from that room. It was a used office chair that Brandon had recently brought home. The chair felt cold to the touch. Melissa felt the chair had absorbed a great deal of residual anger; I felt that the chair emanated a male energy of self-loathing.

Brandon validated that he hadn’t felt right in the side office since he had brought the chair home, and when working in there since bringing in the chair he would sometimes become agitated or find that he would doubt himself for no reason. He said projects in the office had stalled since bringing the chair in, and he didn’t like going in there more than necessary anymore. This is strange, since Brandon loves his work.

The Investigation

We did a second walkthrough using the K2, EDI, MEL-R.E.M., and Trifield meters. The chair in the side office set off the temperature alarm on the K2 and EDI meters, and gave off EMF (electro-magnetic field energy) hits on both meters. The chair seemed to have moving cold spots; the temperature of the chair was neither uniform nor ambient, something that had no logical explanation, since there was no vent above the chair.  

There were no significant meter hits in either of the back bedrooms.

We decided to deploy the meters on the kitchen table near the “prayer spot,” as we dubbed the cat’s favorite corner. There was an air conditioning vent above the table, so the air conditioning to the home was shut off before we baselined all of the meters.

At this point, Melissa began to pick up on a second male energy in the house. She identified it as familial energy belonging to Mrs. Brandon. She said it felt ”like a Grandfather”, because he adored Mrs. Brandon when she was growing up, and would let her get away with things, the primary reason that Melissa sensed the energy as a Grandfather, since parents often tend to be stricter than grandparents.

At this point the cold temperature alarms on the R.E.M. Pod, the MEL R.E.M. and the K2 Meter all began to go off very loudly simultaneously (remember – the air conditioning was off – there were no ceiling fans, and the meters had all been baselined twice). The meters continued to chime loudly and in unison, and in varying tones, seemingly in response to Melissa’s impressions of the grandfatherly energy.

Melissa said she saw helicopters, a huge military presence, and she was in an Asian country. After zeroing in on it, Melissa decided she was seeing the grandfatherly energy as a soldier in the Vietnam War, at which point the meters began changing faster in pitch and tone, continuing to blare very loudly for no discernable reason. Mrs. Brandon confirmed that her father had been a decorated soldier in the Vietnam War. She also confirmed that her father looked old for his age, almost grandfatherly, in the last picture she had of him.

Melissa said she saw him in the war, and she saw a small, frightened Asian child.

The meters all fell suddenly silent, just as Mrs. Brandon said “Yeah, there were things about his service he would never talk about.”

“You hid them, didn’t you? You saved them. You were afraid what you did would be found out.” Melissa said.

The meters exploded in activity again.

Melissa saw him going back, away from the helicopter. She then lurched to one side from sudden strong knee pain.

“You went back for him, didn’t you? His leg was hurt and you went back to get him.”

The meters began going off wildly.

“Thank you for your service, Sir,” Melissa added.

Mrs. Brandon confirmed that her father would seldom talk about Vietnam, that he had received Two Bronze Stars for his service in the Vietnam War, but she never knew what they were for, as “he took those secrets to his grave.” Mrs. Brandon said that during her father’s military funeral, twelve uniformed servicemen were there to present honors and present her with her father’s flag. She never knew why he was buried with such honors.

When we all suggested we take a break, the meters all suddenly fell silent and remained silent.

The above described incident was all captured in high definition video and on separate audio recorders.

The SLS Footage

Next we deployed the SLS, or Structured Light Sensor Camera.  The SLS Camera uses Microsoft Kinect technology to “map” human figures as stick figures. The technology was created to create a computer skeleton (stick figure) of a living person and send it into a video game, where the person’s movements and motions are then exactly duplicated in real time by a character the computer creates around the stick figure in the video game.

Following the 2012 film Paranormal Activity 4  in which the Kinect technology was accidentally used by one of the film’s characters to detect a spirit, the SLS camera was developed to determine whether the technology could actually be used to map a human-shaped figure that cannot not be seen in the spectrum of light visible to the human eye, namely, a ghost.

Successful tests showed, incredibly, that it absolutely could, and does.

Once the SLS camera became available commercially on a single custom order basis, paranormal teams around the world started using the technology to document astounding paranormal evidence.

We deployed the SLS Camera (using it in its handheld configuration) all around the home, including the side office. Nothing. We were about to move back to the kitchen where we had begun the SLS session when two full stick figures appeared on the device on the empty couch on the living room. As soon as we acknowledged them, one of the figures disappeared. We do not know who the second figure was, but we were able to determine that the remaining figure was in all probability the spirit of Mrs. Brandon’s deceased father.

At this time the meters on the kitchen table, still powered on but silent, again exploded in unison in cold temperature alarms. We asked the stick figure to wave to us if it was indeed the spirit of Mrs. Brandon’s father.

The figure clearly waved to us. We asked the figure to re-confirm that this was Mrs. Brandon’s father, and the figure waved again. Moreover, Mrs. Brandon confirmed that the figure appeared to be “lounging” on the couch in the exact posture, diagonally across the couch with one arm propped up on the armrest, that was her father’s typical way of lounging on a couch when he had it to himself. She further confirmed that the wave was characteristic of her father’s typical “non-chalant” and casual attitude.

Below are screenshots from the video I captured of this occurring. Please note that the window on the top right of the SLS panel clearly shows there is no one on the couch except for the stick figure.

SLS Capture 3

SLS Capture1

SLS Capture2

The SLS Camera in this case provided astounding footage and arguably evidence of the afterlife. In conjunction with what happened next during our SB11 Spirit Box session, it gave Mrs. Brandon peace and additional closure concerning the passing of her father a decade earlier (the investigation took place exactly one week prior to the tenth anniversary of Mrs. Brandon’s father’s passing).

The SB11 Spirit Box Session

The next logical step in the investigation was to attempt to make contact with Mrs. Brandon’s father, and confirm that we were indeed in communication with him (because of the accuracy of the information Melissa had been able to empath, we were already nearly certain that this was who we were communicating with).

The SB11 Spirit Box is essentially two am/fm radios in one, designed to  truncate or scan across the two sets of am or fm bands at intervals that are adjustable to between a quarter to 1/32 of a second, never locking on to any station for longer than the set interval.

Therefore, when the Spirit Box gives one-word answers, such answers may be deemed paranormal if they appear to be direct and intelligent specific answers to specific questions. Clear multi-word and whole-sentence responses should be impossible on the SB11 Spirit Box. When we get such responses, especially when they are intelligent answers, we pay special attention to them as possibly paranormal in nature.

As we began the SB11 Spirit Box session, we received a “Hello” response. When we asked who we were speaking to (“What’s your name?”) we received a Class A, very clear “Cliff.” Mrs. Brandon’s father’s name was Cliff, and the response was in his voice. Cliff also said “Hi” to Mrs. Brandon, and confirmed that he was watching over her.

We received several further responses, most of which were Class B (harder to hear and understand). Melissa thanked the entity for his service, and he responded in the same voice in which the “Cliff” response was in, “It was my job.”

Melissa thanked him, and closed the session.

At this point we sat down and talked about the evidence we had gathered during the evening. The unanimous consensus was that Mrs. Brandon’s father had come through, a week from the 10th anniversary of his death, to let her know that he was fine, and was watching over her.

The Cleansing   

Melissa cleansed the home using Holy Water from the Grotto at Lourdes, France, and a smudge containing white sage, Palo Santo wood, cedar and sweetgrass. We cleansed and rendered the chair in the office inert with the holy water, sea salt, smudge, and energy work. After the cleansing of the chair, the K2 and temperature alarm readings gathered repeatedly on the chair could no longer be duplicated.

Note: The following morning Mr. and Mrs. Brandon followed up with us to say that their home felt different and lighter, that the office felt great again and Brandon could work comfortably in the room again, and that they had both shared a “End of Poltergeist” moment that morning when they decided to roll the chair out onto the street and place a “Free” sign on it. Whoever picked up the chair should have no further problem with it, as we did cleanse it and render it inert.

The video of this investigation can be viewed on the Maxam Mysteries Channel on You Tube at

Brandon’s Prodcast for the Rob, Anybody, and Dawn morning radio talkshow can be accessed at

Case Closed

Classification: Haunted Object and Positive Familial Haunting



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