The Natomas Ley Lines

Article by Brent L. George


North Natomas, CA

8:00 p.m.

September 17, 2016

 The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was dispatched to the home of “Jay”, who claimed that the front living room of his newer North Natomas home had been taken over by paranormal activity to the extent that the room was completely unusable. He claimed that staying in the room for any length of time caused headaches and dizziness, and that whatever energy seemed to have set up residence in the living room was beginning to permeate the rest of the house. He also complained of feeling watched and often unable to think clearly in the house.

Upon hearing the complaint of this type of activity, S.P.I.R.I.T. team members suspected the cause could be a strong EMF (electro-magnetic field) leak from a power or cable / telephone box, breaker panel, or even a possible a gas leak. One of things S.P.I.R.I.T. does for people is to help identify problems in their home that are not necessarily paranormal, nonetheless providing proof and evidence and a solid plan of action in such cases. Power boxes, breaker panels, and improperly installed wiring are the most common culprits. High levels of EMF can, however, supply energy to paranormal entities, causing a “perfect storm” of physically explainable conditions and paranormal phenomena. In this case, the cause turned out to be neither.

The Investigation

Upon arrival, team members were able to validate and measure extremely high levels of EMF in the front living room, tripping the EDI Meter, the MEL Meter, and the K2 Meter simultaneously. Indeed, spending any time in the room at all would cause severe headaches, disorientation, mood swings, and dizziness. The team was at first unable to pinpoint the source of the EMF – there were no power or telecommunication boxes or breaker panels anywhere near the living room. Moreover, the team was eventually able to determine that the EMF energy was coming from the floor of the home, and was highest in the living room.

At this point in the investigation, one may naturally think that the culprit must be buried power and / or telephone / DSL lines. That makes sense on the surface, but was ultimately debunked as not being the cause of these unacceptably high EMF readings. Our readings in the front of this home cannot be reasonably explained by buried power lines or telecommunications lines. Here’s why:

  • The North Natomas neighborhood is a relatively new neighborhood – Jay’s family originally purchased the home new and had been living in it for a just a few years. In that time, Jay had suffered from migraine headaches, disorientation, seeing physical phenomena (lights, apparitions, etc.), potential hallucinations, feelings of paranoia, skin disorders, joint and body pain, and much more, especially before discontinuing use of the front living room. He had never suffered from these ailments before moving into the home.
  • Modern construction techniques require shielding of buried power lines so that EMF from the power lines do not interfere with modern electronic and computer equipment. Moreover, the lines are buried deeply enough that the soil itself acts as a natural shield, absorbing any EMF energy leaking through. A new home built directly over buried power lines should register no more than .001 milligaus of EMF energy. Jay’s entire living room was giving off between 0.9 and 10 milligaus in different parts of the living room – equivalent to holding the meters up to a large amplified subwoofer stereo speaker.
  • Modern buried power line arrays span approximately ten feet across at most – usually less than that. Using specialized equipment such as the EDI Meter 1, EDI Meter II, MEL REM and other equipment, we were able to measure the exact width of the power conduit that seemed to run underneath Jay’s home – it began in the middle of his back yard and ran through his house, reaching its power apex directly underneath his living room, and running to the middle of the public street on which Jay’s home was built – a width of approximately 60 feet. This is absolutely impossible in a residential neighborhood – we are talking about a width of power levels seen only at the base of generators of a hydro-electric dam. It was no wonder Jay was feeling the negative effects of EMF energy in his home.

The team then made another astonishing discovery – a second conduit of EMF energy that ran along the side of his house and into the neighboring house, which had sat abandoned for some time and for some reason could not be sold for what the owner was asking. S.P.I.R.I.T. team members verified this by walking up to the front door of the neighboring house (which again, was abandoned) and holding our equipment to the front door, which pegged the meters at 20 milligaus. Of course, the team was legally unable to take any further readings of the neighboring house. Power line arrays never intersect and cross each other in this way. What was going on underneath Jay’s house was either paranormal, or possibly explained by poorly understood natural Earth energy – a ley line.

As if to confirm this, the team then made another astonishing discovery – where the two perpendicular EMF paths appeared to intersect each other in Jay’s front living room, an ordinary liquid analog compass showed a confirmed, demonstrable, and repeatable deviation from Magnetic North of an impossible 35 degrees – defying the known laws of physics, outside of a 60 foot magnet being buried underneath the house, also a physical impossibility.

This measurement of this mysterious phenomenon was recorded by S.P.I.R.I.T. investigators:





Admittedly, and as seen in the above videos, this investigator was himself at the time unfamiliar with what a ley line actually is.

The existence of ley lines is mostly theoretical, and their existence is debated within scientific circles. The Ley Line Theory essentially holds that the Earth’s natural magnetic field, which is one of many components of our planet that determines its specific gravity, is divided into a grid-like pattern that spans the entire globe, mimicking but not exactly matching the measurement of Earth’s longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

According to the theory, the way it works is this: The inner core of our planet is extremely dense solid magnetic iron. It rotates independently of the planet itself, because it is suspended in the mantle – molten rock and iron that makes up the bulk of the interior of our planet. When the molten mantle manages to seep through cracks in the Earth’s 26 mile thick crust – the seven major tectonic plates that form the surface of the Earth – it can erupt in the form of volcanic lava, or it can superheat underground water tables, creating geothermal activity such as geysers, hot springs, and molten mud pots. As the core turns at a faster rate than its surrounding viscous mantle, friction is created, creating electricity. This electricity is affected by the magnetic iron core, creating a magnetic field around the entire planet that affects the specific gravity in relation to the rate of rotation of the planet. The polarity of the core being slightly off-center from True North is why there is a difference between Magnetic North and True North. (Note that the investigators, including myself, keep saying in the above video that the compass is reading True North in one part pf the room – this is incorrect – the correct terminology we should have used was that the compass was reading Magnetic North in that part of the room.)

So this planetary magnetic field is essentially a result of the fact that the Earth itself is one gigantic generator. Ley Line Theory postulates that this electromagnetic field is evenly dispersed across the globe according to the mathematical dynamics of a sphere – the exact same type of layout as the Earth’s longitudinal and latitudinal lines. Think of a laser diffused from the center of a glass globe – because of the shape of the sphere, the energy would diffuse itself over the shape of a globe in a grid-like pattern. This is Ley Line Theory. If the theory is correct, you would not want to build anything where two of these lines intersect, the EMF levels given off would simply be too high to be safe for human habitation for any length of time.

Another interesting note: It makes mathematical sense that the 90 degree intersection of two of these ley lines would confuse a magnetic compass and throw it off by half, since there are two ley lines – it would cause a 45 degree deviation in the compass. When you factor in the 10 degree difference between True North and Magnetic North, if you use Magnetic North as your baseline, then a compass reacting to two intersecting ley lines would have no mathematical choice but to show a 35 degree deviation from Magnetic North – exactly what our readings showed.

Upon further research, it was the conclusion of the S.P.I.R.I.T. team to “Jay” that his home was built upon an unsafe intersection of natural Earth energy, and that he should move as soon as possible for his own health and well-being. This is not something we frequently advise, and honestly were sad to do. His life was on the line, and we had no choice. We did conduct spiritual cleansings of both “Jay” and his home, as the ley line energy also allowed for paranormal activity and his personal energy to need clearing. The final solution was ultimately that he vacate the space.

S.P.I.R.I.T. hopes that one day, the scientific community will take a more serious look at the Ley Line Theory as one based in fact, and at least in this case, observable and repeatable scientific measurement and evidence lending credence to the theory.

Although the EMF levels found in Jay’s home are unsafe for human habitation, this level of EMF is like a gas station that serves up Premium Unleaded for free to the spirit world. It was therefore not surprising to us that we did in fact observe evidence of possible spirit activity as well in the home:


We also got SB 11 Spirit Box responses that were not in English, and were very likely Native American. This again is not surprising – Native American spirits in this area would not be uncommon on recently developed land, and these spirits would also likely take notice, if not concern, of the Earth energy present at the location. Melissa and Wendy also felt that “Jay” had familial spirits around him who were trying to help. Although we always find paranormal activity interesting, the team decided in this instance that spirit activity had little to do with what “Jay” was experiencing in his home – the main source of his problems, in our opinion, was a ley line intersection in his living room, and we urged him to sell the home, at a loss if necessary, and move immediately.

From an objective and scientific point of view, this was one of the more fascinating cases the S.P.I.R.I.T. team has ever encountered.

Case Closed

Classification: Ley Line / Intense Natural Earth Energy (with a noted harmless peripheral haunting).

UPDATE: As of this writing, July 7, 2018, “Jay” has moved out of the home, and is spending time with friends, family and light traveling. He is trying to restore his life that was essentially decimated by the effects of the EMF in the home. His mind and body took major hits during the course of his residency there, and may take years to fully recover from the effects he experienced there. We wish him well and look forward to more updates on his progress.

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