The Boy In the Closet

Article by Brent L. George

September 12, 2016


The S.P.I.R.I.T. team was invited to the home of “Jason and Kathy,” fellow paranormal investigators and friends from a Citrus Heights – based paranormal group that was on hiatus at the time.

Reported Activity

“Jason and Kathy” had noticed a few moving shadows and orbs, wondering if these were possible attachments from previous cases. Their cat seemed to “track” or follow unseen things in the living room, and most notably, their five year old daughter “Sam” had an invisible friend, a boy she said was her age, whom she called “Joey.”

The Investigation

Flash photography and meter readings throughout most of the home yielded no anomalies, and the house did not feel especially oppressive to any of the investigative team. Interestingly, Melissa said she did pick up on the presence of a child spirit in or near the home.

“Sam” went to bed at 8:30 p.m. As the meter and photography walkthrough concluded, I noticed the EDI Meter was reading three out of four lights lit up on its EMF meter in the master bedroom closet. We had not noticed this before ‘Sam” went to bed. A K2 meter also lit up to four (10 milligaus) in the closet, and the K2 Temperature Alarm detected a measurable cold spot in the closet. I took out a standard analog compass to see if I could validate the readings, and incredibly, the compass deviated 15 degrees off of magnetic north inside the closet. S.P.I.R.I.T team members inspected the interior of the closet to find an explanation for these readings, but found only clothes and shoes – there were no electronic boxes or equipment / devices of any kind in the closet.


We opened an SB11 Spirit Box session in the master bedroom. Almost immediately, we heard the voice of a male child say “Hiii.” Incredibly, the voice identified itself as Joey. We asked him if he needed help, and we got the response “I’m lost.”

Melissa and Wendy psychically saw the boy alive in a field of corn crying and looking for his parents, his parents and a search party of farm workers looking for him in a 1930s – era farm truck. They felt that the boy became separated from his parents on farmland long ago in what is now modern day Citrus Heights, and died of exposure. The team was never able to validate the story of this lost boy – the only news source at that time would have been local newspapers and radio stations. However, it was confirmed that up until the late 1950s, corn was in fact grown in what is now that section of Citrus Heights.

This was an emotional moment for everyone involved. With prayer and energy work, the team was able to guide Joey to the light and cross him over. After the crossing, all meters read 0 in the master bedroom closet. A light smudging of white sage and Palo Santo wood was conducted in the home for good measure.

Case Closed

Classification: Lost Soul / Needed to be Crossed Over


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