PRACTICING SAFE PARANORMAL: Working With Energy and Spirit Communication

When delving into anything occult, pagan, or supernatural, it is absolutely imperative that those involved practice “safe paranormal.”

First and foremost, it is S.P.I.R.I.T.’s staunch recommendation to NEVER “dabble” with aspects of the occult or supernatural that you do not understand, including and especially the use of Ouija Boards. Our darkest and worst cases have all begun with a young person “fooling around” with a Ouija Board. Just. Don’t. Do it. It is nothing less than your life that you are gambling with.

IF you are going to work with white magic as an earnest and serious apprentice witch, that is a lifestyle choice which we absolutely respect and support – IF you practice Safe Paranormal. To that end, we at S.P.I.R.I.T. have put together this quick reference guide to hopefully help you understand the do’s and don’ts of working with human energy that is charged with intent, which is what witchcraft essentially is. 

There are certain “rules” as it were, when dealing with any type of energy working:

IF you are sincere, in it for the long – term, have a teacher, and are coming from a place of respect and peace, and INSIST on dealing with this type of energy, here are some guidelines that may just help keep you safe. If any of the above are untrue, be advised that you are placing yourself and anyone doing this with you in harm’s way and putting yourself and them at grave risk.


Draw a circle of sea salt around your work area and do NOT leave the circle until closing is complete

Light candles first, if using them

Open by ringing a 7 metal bell – this helps clear the air of intent – the long sound made by the 7 basic elemental metals is calming and unmistakable.

Make your formal Statement of Intent, including any specific spirit (never try to contact a dark spirit)

Offering – usually white or red wine (practitioner drinks)

Write your Statement of Intent out on paper, and then burn the paper in a fireproof bowl.


Statement of closure and say goodbye / farewell.

State out loud that no energies may attach to you or leave the circle under any circumstances.

Close with ringing a 7 metal bell again.
Snuff candles out – do not blow them out

Once cool, bury the ashes of the paper you burnt in earth.

Again, these instructions MAY help protect you when you are working with white magic, or positive intent.

What about the Dark Stuff?

This part cannot be overstated. If you are working with dark energy and ill intent and don’t know exactly what you are doing (and we have no intention of helping you with that here) you are going to bring consequences down on your own head that you don’t want to think about. If you are lucky, you will just have most of your life force energy drained from you and will be sick for a few days to a month. If you are less lucky, you may get yourself a dark attachment that will systematically destroy your relationships, your friendships, your health, even your job and family without spiritual intervention. If you really screw up, you could be possessed or killed. These things are no laughing matter, and they are just waiting for you to take the plunge and contact them without the proper protection. Too many people have had to learn this the hard way. This energy and these entities are incredibly real, and can be incredibly dangerous.

You will notice that when you watch our investigation videos on Maxam Mysteries SPIRIT on YouTube, the same person always uses the SB-11 Spirit Box – no one else is allowed to even touch it. This is because the device is indeed spirit communication. Melissa is a trained Reiki Master and knows how to control the conversation, end it abruptly when necessary, and properly open and close the session. We take spirit communication very very seriously, and so should you.

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